Duplicates - How to clear collection and re-sync?

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In the mac version of 1password I had been fixing the url's on many of the items in my library. After upgrading to latest version (2.9.18) and upgrading the app store copy, I synced with my library and found that I had duplicates of every item that I had changed the url for.

My question: In order to fix this, how can I clear the collection on the iPod Touch and restore (resync) to only get the ones in the library of the desktop version?

(Also, this functionality should probably be changed in a future update - I'm sure others have this problem as well!)


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    I am adding extra checks in 2.1 that should prevent this issue, unfortunately we could not recreate it here so far.

    To start over, please remove 1Password from your iPhone and then install it back.
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    I keep my 1P synced between 2 computers, using just my iPhone.

    There MUST be a more elegant way to delete duplicates. I don't need yet another account, please don't suggest dropbox. I also am not paying for MoblieMe, etc.

    Also, the screen pops up sometimes that there's a "conflict" and it shows them both, however, there seems to be no way to pick one over the other (unless I'm missing something?) - it just seems like an advisory that it's creating another duplicate.

    I have used iCal Dupe Deleter - if someone can write simple code to delete dupes on a calendar, surely there's a way to do it in this program. Address book also offers an option to override/select one or the other.

    Removing & re-installing on the iPhone is not particularly elegant, either. Over writing is good - if I fix it on one computer, there should also be a way to overwrite on the next computer I sync, too.

    Please provide a way to delete all the duplicates, starting with one computer interface.

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    Welcome to the forums, extremejor, and thank you for your feedback. You can select one item over the other by clicking the icon of the device. You can also do this from the action menu: Choose from <device1> or Choose from <device2>. You can also elect to use all the items from one device over the other from that same menu.
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