Known Issues in 1Password 4 for Mac

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Below is a quick overview of some known issues in 1Password 4 for Mac. Please see our Knowledge Base and FAQs for more in-depth articles.

Please note: This list is not currently up to date. We've had lots of fixes in versions 4.2 and 4.3 which have not been updated on this list.


  • When selecting a preset in the toolbar search field, the search results might not be updated until you manually press Enter in one of the search parameter fields.
  • If you select a Smart Folder and make changes to one of the items, it'll reset the search to display all items instead of the Smart Folder results.
  • In Security Audit's Weak Passwords section, it only monitors for the first password field in each item and can also include the password fields that deals with PIN like in Bank items.
  • If you leave the app open with unsaved changes, it may not be possible to save them after the app auto-locks and you close or quit the app. It'll prompt about unsaved changes and ask if you'd like to save, but once you press Save, it'll then prompt an error saying it cannot because of a locked profile.
  • If you generate a password in the main app and manually edit it, the password strength does not update automatically.
  • Password Generator settings are not properly retained for the future use. Each time you generate a new password, the length will remain at 4 instead of previously used length.
  • Last viewed item is not retained when restarting the app.
  • State Restoration is being worked on, it may not restore you to the last view when re-opening 1Password. Such as:

    • If you select a category on the sidebar, search for something, and then restart the app, you'll be taken back to All Items instead of the selected category.
    • The initial unlock may restore you to All Items instead of the last selected category. Successive relaunches will restore you to the last category but not the item.
    • You may notice the item details of the last viewed item but the category isn't the right one selected: an example would be 1Password showing an Identity item but Logins is selected instead.
  • The license field in Software License items cannot be copied when clicking it in the main app. [Fixed in 4.0.5]

  • 1Password does not search beyond the first line of secure note items and the note fields in other items. [Available in 4.1/4.1.1 when Search All Fields is active]
  • Printing is currently unavailable. [Available in 4.1/4.1.1]
  • When adding custom fields, only text type is currently supported. This means you cannot choose a password type to make the field concealable like the main password fields at this time. [Available in 4.1/4.1.1]
  • Currently unable to automatically create Software Licenses by dragging and dropping apps into 1Password. [Available in 4.0.7/4.0.8]
  • Adding or removing items from folders is currently not possible. [Fixed]
  • Undo/Redo is not yet possible in the note fields and also the Secure Note items. [Fixed]

Multiple Vaults

  • Copying items from one vault to another vault does not copy over its attachment(s). [Improved]
  • [Important] If you have multiple vaults and you're syncing with Dropbox to your mobile devices, do not enable the sync for other vaults other than the primary one yet. The current iOS app does not support multiple vaults and may in fact sync one of your other vaults into the primary vault you're using in the iOS app. There will be a future iOS app update to support multiple vaults. Version 4.5 for iOS has now been released with support for multiple vaults!
  • On Mountain Lion, deleting a vault succeeds in deleting all of the items in the vault but the vault itself remains. Workaround: Open the main 1Password app, go to the Help Menu > Troubleshooting > Restart 1Password mini. [Fixed]

1Password mini

  • When generating a pronounceable password, the Use mixed-case letters doesn't work when the separator is set to None.
  • It is not possible to copy the password by double-clicking the password box in the Generator.
  • Some categories other than Logins and Identities, clicking the website won't be copied to the clipboard.
  • If you're using multiple displays, using ⌘\ (Cmd-\) may bring up 1Password mini on the wrong screen or be cut off at the edge.
  • If you click the 1Password key in the browser to press the edit button while the main 1Password app is closed, it won't select the proper item for editing. [Fixed, now edits in place]
  • Secure Notes and item notes fields are not shown. [Fixed]
  • You cannot edit an item within 1Password mini. Use the Edit button to open the item in the main 1Password app ready to be edited. [Fixed]
  • Currently, the length in the Password Generator is set to 30. Use the generator in the main app if >30 character is needed. [Fixed]

Browser Extensions

  • If 1Password isn't filling any data, please read this Knowledgebase article.
  • If you bought 1Password from the Mac App Store and are having some auto-submit issues, please download this tool and see if it'll help.
  • Firefox Nightly and UX currently experiencing issues. While only the official version of Firefox is technically "supported" by 1Password we try our best to work with betas and nightly builds.
  • Chromium cannot be supported in 1Password 4 because we require browsers to be properly code signed. [To bypass, disable Preferences > Advanced > Verify browser code signature in 4.1/4.1.1]
  • [Mavericks] 1Click Bookmarks won't work in Safari 7. For now, hold the command key while clicking on the bookmark, it should then work.
  • [Mavericks] Clicking a 1Click Bookmark on the desktop (.webloc) on the desktop won't perform the Go and Fill if 1Password is locked. 1Password mini will prompt for your MP but then does nothing. For now, unlock 1Password before clicking on the bookmark on your desktop.
  • It is not possible to add new fields to the Web Form Details. Web Form Details is used by the extensions to fill in your data on the Login form. If you'd like to add more fields that are not related to the filling, you should use the custom fields instead.
  • If 1Password is locked, 1Click Bookmarks may not fill in properly after unlocking it. This also effects third party integration with App Launchers such as Alfred/LaunchBar.


  • Wi-Fi sync does not sync attachments.
  • When syncing between 1Password 3 and 1Password 4: Creating saved searches in 1Password 4 will not be synced back to 1Password 3.
  • If you edit an item in 1Password 3 that was created in 1Password 4, syncing back to 1Password 4 will lose the item's favorite status and its custom icon.
  • [iCloud] If you have a network home folder, the iCloud sync might not support it. We suggest using Dropbox for now.
  • Duplicate URLs will appear on an item when edited in 1Password 4 for iOS and then synced to 1Password 4 for Mac through Wi-Fi sync.
  • Changing Master Passwords do not sync to other Macs. Once you change it on one Mac, you'll need to change it manually on the other Macs. [Fixed]


  • It may not be possible to paste into apps that use the older pasteboard (Carbon) APIs. Popular apps include Microsoft Office, TrueCrypt and BBEdit/TextWrangler. Workaround: Try pasting into TextEdit first, copy it again and then paste into those apps. [Improved]
  • If the app can't be opened because OS X says it is damaged, it is likely due to using a third party extraction app to extract the zip file. Try downloading a new copy and then extract it with the built-in OS X's Archive Utility app.
  • If using iCloud to sync your data, 1Password will show up as onepassword without an icon within iCloud's Manage Storage window.
  • if you're using a 2009/2010 MacBook Pro, using 1Password may trigger the dGPU to turn on. There isn't a workaround for this as it is an OS X issue, this issue also appears in 1Password 3. One suggestion is to unlock the main 1Password app first before the 1Password mini, that should avoid triggering the dGPU card.
  • Notification Center shows 1Password mini notifications with the name "". It should show 1Password when the actual notification come in. [Fixed]
  • 1Password log files can grow boundlessly to significantly large sizes. This will be fixed in a future update to automatically rotate/prune them. [Fixed]
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