1password not syncing between to macs

Hi I have an imac and a macbook pro, both have been syncing perfectly for the last 2 years between them, but for the last week, it has not been syncing, the same web page has asked me to update my password, I did in one computer and I updated 1password, but the change does not appear on the 2nd computer, I have done this first on the imac and then checking on the macbook pro, and vice versa, and no sync. The only change I have done to both computers in the last week is update them to 10.8.5.
1 password is at version 3.9.9
Any ideas?




  • Hi @jonzg

    I'm sorry you're having difficulty syncing right now. Can you confirm that you are signed in to the same Dropbox account on both computers?

    If you are logged in to the same Dropbox account, could you please send us a Diagnostics Report from each of your computers?

    Download the 1Password Troubleshooting utility and follow the instructions to generate the report.

    Then attach the entire file to an email to us: [email protected] agilebits .com

    Please do not post your Diagnostics Report in the forums, but please do include a link to this thread in your email so that we can "connect the dots" when we see your Diagnostics Report in our inbox.

    Once we see the report we should be able to better assist you. Thanks in advance!

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

    Team Member

    If you haven't already sent in the report, @jonzg, you might try clearing the cache on the second Mac (where the item is not showing up). Select Help > Troubleshooting > Clear Cache from the menu bar. If you're still having trouble, please do email us the Diagnostics Report as Megan requested.


  • jonzgjonzg Junior Member

    Hi Megan, both macs are logged to the same user account in dropbox. I have just sent both troubleshooting reports from both macs to the support email.

  • jonzgjonzg Junior Member

    I will do the cache clearing to see if it helps

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Keep us posted. If it ends up working, please follow up on your email to let them know things are working well so our team isn't spinning their gears for no reason. Of course, if it still isn't working we'll work with you via email until everything is resolved so that we are not duplicating efforts or creating any confusion.


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