Cleanup the Database

I am a long time user of 1Password and I see that there are many entries which or no longer of any use. Either because my interest changed or the site disappeared and other reasons.

So I decided to clean it all up.

My problem is how. There are way too many entries to do it sequentially i.e. one-by-one. So I am hoping someone has suggestions for a better way to do this. And since I am switching to a new Mac this is the best time to do it.

Best would be (I think) start a fully new database from scratch and peek at the old database when I need something to be stored. But I see no option to have 2 concurrent databases..

So I am open to any ideas on how to do this.


  • Hi @mac.gebruiker,

    Organizing a database can be a daunting process, I know! 1Password 4 for Mac will have something that should fit your needs perfectly, and it is due to be released soon ... but if you're feeling impatient, your best options for organizing in 1Password 3 are Smart Folders and Tags.

    Take a peek at those features and see if they help, but if you're the type of person who likes shiny new software, I'd hold off on re-starting your database from scratch just yet. :)

  • mac.gebruikermac.gebruiker Junior Member

    Sorry, but I don't see how Smart Folders and/or Tags could help me. I would still have to go thru all the entries. Guess, I better would for v4.

  • You're right, mac.gebruiker,

    The solutions in 1Password 3 aren't quite perfect for you... But I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you don't have to wait too much longer for 1Password 4. :)

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