I need to re-sync one of our 1Password apps

We have local 1Passwords installed on three Macs in our office. Somehow, one of them got disconnected from the sync, perhaps because Dropbox was disabled on that computer. So now that local copy of 1Password has outdated data in it. I want to resync it with the others, but I want to make 100% sure that only new data will overwrite old data -- that none of the outdated info from the currently un-synced copy will replace newer data in the others.

Also, once I reactivate Dropbox on that computer, will 1PassWord automatically locate it and start syncing, or do I have to do something else?


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    Hi @workingdesign,

    In order to give you the best advice, we're going to need a bit more information about how 1Password is set up on your system - we certainly don't want that old data to creep back into your sync either! So, I'd love for you to create a Diagnostic Report for both the out-of-sync computer and one of the ones that is synced correctly.

    Download the 1Password Troubleshooting utility and follow the instructions to generate the report.

    Then attach the entire file to an email to us: [email protected] agilebits .com

    Please do not post your Diagnostics Report in the forums, but please do include a link to this thread in your email so that we can "connect the dots" when we see your Diagnostics Report in our inbox.

    Once we see the report we should be able to better assist you. Thanks in advance!


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