1Password not showing in drop down box

I've been using one password for a little while and it has really been working out well. I've encountered a problem though and I'm not sure if its my mac os x or the way I use the program.

I downloaded dropbox and installed it. But on the create your dropbox registration page I right clicked to bring up 1Password to fill in the identity and it didn't show. So I filled in the first name, last name and email. Then I right clicked to generate a password and again all I got was a drop down box with only the paste function in bold and the 1Password option was again not shown . I wanted drop box to use with 1Password but I'd like to figure out what's wrong first. I guess I could fill it in and manually make a 1Password log in but I'm not sure why even the password generator function wasn't available.

And he last few days I've brought up Evernote to enter something and the program wanted to sync with evernote.com. So I tried to right click to bring up my login and the same thing happened. Basically an empty drop down box with no 1Password link. I can sync with Evernote by opening up the main 1Password page and double clicking on the Evernote shelf to log in and sync.

Now I've used the right click function to generate passwords before. The funny thing is that if I right click on this box I'm typing in now to create this message the 1Password option comes up.
I guess I'm doing something wrong but not sure what it is.

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