1Password 4 backwards compatible with 3.x?

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Hi there,

I use dropbox to sync 1Password for Mac (and iOS). I installed the brand new 1Password 4 today from the App Store (great job!). Will the database be backwards compatible for my older Mac which unfortunately is limited to 10.7 Lion (and hence 1Password 3)?



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    Hi @ovedtuo,

    Yes. When you configure 1Password 4 to use Dropbox, it will actually create a sync'ed copy of the older 1Password 3 format into the Dropbox folder, so you can use it with other older Macs running 1Password 3. You can find out more here.

  • Can one also create a backward compatible copy without using dropbox or other cloud based storage?
    i.e. for synchronizing with !password3 - 1Password4 with rsync on a local lan between windows, mac < 10.7 android etc.?

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    Hi, @williw. Thanks for asking about this.

    What you'd should be be possible by utilizing 1P4's Folder Sync feature, documented in:

    Sync with local folder

    Note that if the keychain file is created with 1Password 4 it may be a bit slow to unlock on Windows and/or Android because of the improvements in the 1P4 version of data file.

    I hope that information helps you.

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