passwords while travelling - any ideas?

HI All,
I have 1password and its great - thanks.
My question is about travelling - particularly if I need to use internet cafe's that wont have dropbox - and I probably don't want to drop my box in those cafes - what do people do?? especially if you have "strong" passwords generated by the program?
tips and ideas are all welcome


  • macpugmacpug Agile Customer Care
    Hi tangled, welcome to the forums. This sounds like a perfect case for using 1PasswordAnywhere. It's a feature available in 1Password 3 that lets you access your passwords from any modern web browser on most any computer, even (my favorite) a flash drive. Let me give you this link which will tell you more about it. If you'll watch the brief video first (less than 2 minutes), the rest of this will make sense ;)

    Here is more information on 1PasswordAnywhere: 1PasswordAnywhere video

    To try it out, go to your Agile Keychain like it showed in the video. By default, it lives on your Mac in User > Library > ApplicationSupport > 1Password > 1Password.agilekeychain. Right-click on the 1Password.agilekeychain file and click Show Package Contents. Double-click on the 1Password.html file. When it opens, you'll see the familiar 1Password vault doors, but it will say 1PasswordAnywhere in the lower right corner. Enter your Master Password, and you'll have read-only access to your passwords. Now you're using 1PasswordAnywhere! This is what you can take with you and use on any modern browser or flash drive, or access from a free service like Dropbox to view your passwords on other computers. You can only store a copy of your data file here, not the main file. It's perfect for traveling. Give it a try and see what you think.
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