Update to Login url field on 1Password Pro doesn't sync back to Mac

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I recently synced up all my 1Password data between my Mac and iPhone via Wifi - this was fine and everything synced up nicely both ways. Today whilst using 1Password on the iPhone i noticed one of my Logins had an incorrect URL so I corrected it on the iPhone.

I then synced it back to the Mac and the sync said complete, however the url on the Mac version for this login still had the old, incorrect URL. I would have expected the url to reflect the changes I'd made on the iPhone but this wasn't the case.

In the sync panel on 1Password I ensure that Replace information on this iPhone is UNCHECKED.

Is this working as designed or a bug with the sync process?

I am running 1Password 3.1.3 and 1Password Pro 3.1.1



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    James, I'm sorry you had that problem. I'm not able to reproduce it, though.

    In 1Password Pro on my iPhone, I just modified the URL of one of my Login items; then I triggered a sync in 1Password on my Mac.

    The changed URL and a new Note field both transferred to 1Password on the Mac just as expected.

    Perhaps you could rebuild the data file and clear the cache (on the Advanced tab of 1Password preferences), and try again.

    Please let us know how it goes.
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