4.3 Freeze in Sync Settings screen

the WiFi sync is working :) Thx a lot for enabling this feature again.

But there is a small issue with the sync setting screen.
If I try to disable "File Sharing" the app just hangs and nothing can be selected.
"iCould" and "Dropbox" are already disabled.

I just want to use "Wifi" sync, all other sync options should be disabled.

iPhone4, iOS 7.0.2.


  • Hi @The_Patcher,

    I'm so glad you're happy to see Wi-Fi again :)

    I've noticed the same behaviour on my iPhone, but once I closed the app (with all sync options set to OFF) and unlocked again, I was able to select Wi-Fi sync. Now, clearly this is not an ideal workflow, but I'm curious if the same thing works for you - just so I have a bit more information when I file it with our developers.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

  • Hi Megan,

    everytime when I open 1Password, the "File Sharing" Sync option is enabled and disabling this option always leads to a freeze of the app.
    Closing the app (even removing it from the "active apps list") does change anything.

  • Sorry, I mean "does NOT change anything".

    The Wifi Sync works, but I don't want to have any other sync option to be enabled.

  • @The_Patcher, I'm not seeing that on my iOS version 4.3. I was able to disable File Sharing without a freeze and it's stayed disabled. (Like you, I now want to use only wifi sync.) Do you think it might be worth you uninstalling and re-downloading 4.3?


  • OK, good point. I try uninstalling and re-downloading 4.3.

  • Hi @The_Patcher,

    If reinstalling doesn't work, there is not much harm to leaving File Sharing enabled. If you do not have file sharing set up on your Mac, it essentially will act as an extra backup for your data, in case anything goes wrong.

    Again, we are working to get this properly sorted out, but as long as only one of the big 3 (Dropbox, iCloud and Wi-Fi) is enabled, File Sharing can stay on without doing any damage. :)

  • @Megan, many thanks for clarifying the issue about leaving File Sharing on: much appreciated.


  • Re-installing the app on my iPhone helped.
    Started with a clean app, set it up to use Wifi Sync, synced successfully and all other options are disabled.

    Thx :)

  • Hi @The_Patcher,

    I'm glad to hear that you got things synced up eventually!

    I do want to let you (and @Stephen_C) know that an update to 1Password 4 for iOS has been submitted to the App Store which should make syncing a lot smoother. It will be released as soon as it is approved.

    Again, I do apologize for the difficulty here. We really appreciate your patience :)

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