Preventing issues with 1Password Helper and Sophos

I thought I'd post here as there's a better solution to issues with Websocket and Sophos now. I'm using Sophos Cloud but I'm reasonably sure my client is just the standard Endpoint client. The instructions from Sophos support fixed me up and I don't have to disable any parts of the AV.

On a client machine do the following:

  1. Enter the tamper protection password. (note - only needed if tamper protection is enabled).
  2. Click on Configure Anti-Virus and HIPs
  3. Click on Authorization Manager
  4. Go to the Websites tab and add ""

I uploaded a little album if that's helpful


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    Thanks so much for sharing that with us, Justin! 1Password users are the best.

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    I actually have some more information from Sophos. This is specifically for the Cloud version as this entered into the policy page online

    In the policy tab

    Edit a policy.

    Click scanning exemptions

    Click the Add button

    In the "exemption for" select website

    In the value put in

    Click the create button.

    Click next at the bottom right.

    Then save

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    Thanks again, Justin!

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