Chrome Sync + 1Password Chrome Extension causes multiple "installs"

Google Chrome's ability to sync your preferences across multiple computers using "Chrome Sync" allows for the browser to install new extensions onto all computers as you install them on one computer. Unfortunately, this can cause for multiple instances of the 1Password extension to be installed on a single computer.


  • On Computer01 you have installed Chrome and have the 1Password extension installed.
  • Now you create Computer02 and install Chrome.
  • Computer02 doesn't have 1Password installed yet, but you have installed Chrome and used Chrome Sync to sync your bookmarks and installed extensions.
  • Unfortunately, 1Password isn't an extension that can be "installed" dynamically through Chrome Sync. I'm not exactly sure why. But, I always have to install it through using the agilebits website with the Install Chrome Extension link.
  • On Computer02 you've installed Dropbox (I just wanted to say Thank You for that awesome feature)
  • On Computer02 you've installed 1Password by using Preferences > Browsers > Install Chrome Extension > Chrome Browser > Download > Add
  • The extension installs on Computer02, displaying a window saying "You have successfully installed 1Password Extension"
  • Image of Computer02 extensions after install:
  • Wait about 10 seconds, and Computer01 will display the same window saying "You have successfully installed 1Password Extension"
  • Image of Computer01 extensiosn after "syncing":
  • On Computer01, if you look through your list of extensions you will find 2 copies of 1Password.
  • Image of two copies of the extension installed in the Chrome Extension Management panel:
  • If you get lucky, you can "Delete" one of them, and 1Password will stay on all your Computers
  • If you're not so lucky, when you "Delete" one, some of your Computers will drop the extension completely.


I really like this product, and I've got about 8 Windows computers with 1Password installed. Adding/dropping/losing the extension is pretty painful sometimes.

Thanks In Advance! Any assistance in getting around this issue would be useful.


  • Wait, I think I see it now. In, "Not from Chrome Web Store". So, I think that helps decide which one to remove.

    I would still love if the extension could be auto-installed with Chrome Sync before 1Password was actually installed on the system.


  • Which means there's also the possibility that the extension is installed, but disabled because 1Password hasn't been installed yet. My apologizes if that's the case, I'll check it out next time.

  • MeganMegan

    Team Member

    Hi @smaglio81,

    I'm glad to hear that you got your extension issue sorted out! 1Password does not currently auto-install via Chrome Sync, so you shouldn't see any additional extensions cropping up.

    If you do have any further issues though, we're here to help!

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