1Browser cookie problem & App redirect problem


I have a billpay service through 2 banks that use the same service. The service requires "cookies." 1Browser will not accept the cookie and therefore I get stuck on a blank screen. This worked previously with 1Password for iOS (6). Since my upgrade to iOS 7 it quit working, on my iPad and iPhone. If I switch to Safari inside 1Password the billpay service works. I have to enable cookies "always" in iOS to get it working. Would be nice if 1Password would give the option of saving cookies for certain sites with out having to enable them across the board.

In addition when I try to access my account at Etrade.com I am directed to their mobile app which does not accept 1Password's login info. I never worked right even with iOS 6. However it works OK with Chase and Fifth Third Bank. Probably an Etrade problem I will notify them.


  • As to cookies, see also this thread (with a comment from AgileBits).


  • Hi @Jim2978,

    Thanks for the feedback! Our developers are aware of the request for login-specific cookie settings - I'll be sure to add your vote to that feature.

    As far as your Etrade account goes, my best advice for you is to see if the site will allow you to use the desktop version (some sites will have this option.) Other than that, unfortunately there is not much that can be done on our end :)

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