1 Password backups not running

Hi I have set my password back up to run daily, at the moment it only seems to back up when i do it manually through the backup menu. Is there a set tiem of day for this to happen as my PC has been on most of the day. I have run the Help / Reset 1Passwordd Helper but does not seem to be working.


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    Hi, Jerry!

    As I recall, 1Password runs the backup according to the schedule specified on the Backup tab of the preferences window, but only when it's running. In other words, every time you launch 1Password, it checks whether it's time to do a backup and, if so, the backup runs. As a result, if you have it set up to back up your 1Password data daily, but you only launch 1Password two or three times a week, you'll only get backups on those two or three days.

    Are you launching the main 1Password application every day?

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