creating new login items simply on iOS. not possible?

I've been using 1P for a long time and love it. creating a new login on my Mac is very simple, etc.

BUT... my wife spends 98% of her time on her iPad and has decided that 1P would be good for her too. I've looked really hard but can't see any simple way to create a login item in the iOS version of 1P. it appears to me that all logins must be manually created from scratch rather than filling out the web browser form and then asking 1P to save the info. this would be nigh impossible on iOS given that we wouldn't know the names of the form input fields.

have I missed something? or is 1P of limited utility if not used in conjunction with a desktop computer?

Gregory (Hong Kong)


  • Hi Gregory ( @bulbuls )

    Unfortunately, right now you are not missing anything. Logins do need to be created manually in iOS. We are looking for ways to make this easier in the future and I'll be sure to add your vote for this feature (I'd love to see it too!)

  • Hi @Safety,

    Since you asked so nicely, I'll be sure to add your vote too!

  • @Safety, it's done automatically by @Megan for you. :)


  • okay, i have IOS7.. first time user.. if i click Favorites i get a blank screen.. If i hit "+" i get a screen that has a choice at top for Categories & Cancel - I chose Categories, again, another blank screen... if i tap at the bottom, Categories, or Folders.. Again.. blank screens.. am i doing something wrong ? i see online userguid says i'm supposed to get a screen with "ADD" at top, then login etc.. i dont get that. - im beginning to think i didnt get what i paid for.. help pls... L

  • Hi @lindalooloo,

    I'm sorry to hear you're having difficulties getting set up with 1Password. Let's see if we can't sort this out for you.

    When you are in the Favourites category, the '+' icon is used to add current entries to the Favourites category. If you have no current entries, that would explain the blank screen. :)

    To add an entry, select the Categories tab from the bottom menu, and click the '+' button here to bring up the available categories of items you can add. Select the appropriate type and then fill in all your information! Once you have an item from a specific category, that category will show up in the list. (Empty categories are hidden).

    Please let me know if this clears things up for you. If you have any further questions, we're here to help!

  • Just found this post when trying see how to easily create new entries. Yep, add me too. Way too hard to do this in iOS.

  • Hi @leesweet,

    I'm sorry that you're having difficulties adding new entries in iOS. I have passed your feedback along to our developers :)

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