Thanks and installation issue with beta extension for Safari 7.0

Hello, agilebits wizards!

Hope I'm posting this in the right area.

1) I got many helpful emails from you wizards regarding issues with upgrading to 1Password v4 on Mac OS X and iOS in the last few days, and I've finally got sync issues solved. Great analysis and advice with each round of communication. YEAH! You're resetting the gold standard for customer support.

2) Quick mention of a quirk/bug? I am playing with beta releases again. I tried repeatedly to install the 1Password beta extension for Safari. Usually beta extensions that appear to be duplicates will install regardless in all three browsers I use: Safari, Chrome and Firefox. One then can go in and disable the extension one doesn't want active to avoid conflicts.

I couldn't get the latest 1Password beta extension to install in Safari until I deleted the stable version. Simply disabling the stable extension did not allow the beta to install. Once I deleted the stable extension, the beta installed without issue. I don't recall this being the case with the v4 pre-release Safari extensions.

3) I have a feature request that I think is simple on its face but is probably a lot more complex than I realize. Those of us with advancing age and deteriorating eyesight could really use the ability to have 1Password for OS X display with a larger font. I note that one can change the font style on the new iOS version; size isn't really an issue there (Though I do like having a serif font choice! Much more readable to me, a former typographer and now dealing with trifocals).

But at times I'm finding the font size used in the OS X app is troublesome. I'd like the option to bump it up a few point sizes. Would this require major retooling? Is it even possible? Would it be possible to pinch-expand the whole 1Password app screen a la Safari, etc.?

Thanks again for all the hard work you all are doing at agilebits and for being receptive to all the feature requests of us users.

Mike D.


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    Thank you very much for the feedback!

    I am not sure why the beta extensions are not running along with the disable stable extension. It could be because they both use the same extension identifier in Safari.

    Adding support for variable font sizes might be a bit easier now that we support 10.8 and 10.9 because of the new Auto-Layout feature in the operating system. I hope to see how it works after we put the fires out and get our support inbox under control :)

    Thanks again!

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