Mac Features not on iOS?

I got 1Password 4 for Mac and started playing with multiple vaults. As far as I can see that is not supported on the iOS version, which makes the feature a bit worthless for me on the Mac version, since I need to be able to access all my passwords when away from my desk. But I love the feature -- I'd love to separate my personal passwords from those of my clients.

Is multiple vaults in the iOS version and I am missing it? If no, is that coming in an update any time soon?

The same for deciding which Dropbox folder to sync to -- you can on the Mac, but not on the phone. Is that coming?




  • As to multiple vaults coming in the iOS version (yes, in due course) see this thread.


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    No your not missing it. The team need to issue an update to allow the iOS version to support multiple vaults. Its kinda a rock and a hard place so to speak as the team could have added it there first but then folks would complain about the Mac version not supporting it.
    More like the old chicken and an egg scenario. One just had to come before the other, and we are no the cusp of a new revolution in 1Password, that being able to sync multiple vaults.

    As I understand it being just a user just like yourself, is that both multiple vaults and the ability to set a specific folder is coming in the future. The team does give time frames or release dates etc so we both are currently waiting.

  • Hi @dveaner,

    As Stephen said, multiple vaults are planned for iOS, but I can't give you a timeline on when they will be completed. I can tell you that we have received a lot of feedback from users who are excited about the potential of vaults and are quite anxious to see multiple vaults on all platforms. Our developers are working to make this happen just as soon as possible!

    As to your question about choosing Dropbox folders, this is also on our to do list. We do want to make this option consistent across platforms, to alleviate some of the confusion. :)

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