How to select vault in dropbox for iOS app? [Coming in a future free 1Password 4 iOS update]

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I got my whole company to switch to dropbox 4 and now we each have a personal primary vault and several shared team vaults for different teams. It works great! (Well, mostly.)

The problem that I'm having is that when I try to open iOS app and tell it to connect to dropbox it automatically finds and picks one of the team vaults rather than my personal vault. I dont see any way to select my default vault, or to add / switch vaults. I've tried re-installing, turning on or off icloud sync, and several other combinations of options. No luck.

The vault that it is selecting is not the one in the default location of Dropbox even, its in a subfolder so I'm not sure why its selecting that one.


  • Hi Dan,

    I'm so glad to hear that you are mostly enjoying multiple vaults so far!

    Unfortunately, this feature has not yet made it to iOS. We hope to have it available in the future, but for now multiple vaults are only available in 1Password 4 for Mac. 1Password 4 for iOS can only support one vault. Now, if your team is syncing via Dropbox and your personal vault is syncing via iCloud, you should be able to set up your iOS device to read the vault in iCloud so you can have access to your personal passwords on your device, but it does get a bit tricky when all of the vaults are in Dropbox.

    Are you able to switch your personal vault to sync via iCloud?

  • Well... (1) that sucks, because now I have just removed all of the shared passwords from everyone's initial vault so now 1passwork for iOS won't contain any of those passwords.

    Since that is how it is, all I need to figure out at this point is how to select the correct vault to use. I use Dropbox for all of the syncing and can't switch to iCloud. The vault I want to use is the main one that has the default location with the default name.

  • Hi Dan,

    I do apologize for the inconvenience. I'd be happy to help straighten this out for you, but we'll need a bit more information than can be shared here. Could you please send us a Diagnostics Report?

    Download the 1Password Troubleshooting utility and follow the instructions to generate the report.

    Then attach the entire file to an email to us: [email protected] agilebits .com

    Please do not post your Diagnostics Report in the forums, but please do include a link to this thread in your email so that we can "connect the dots" when we see your Diagnostics Report in our inbox.

    Once we see the report we should be able to better assist you. Thanks in advance!

  • Does that diagnostic report work for iOS? That's where we're having issues.

  • Hi Dan,

    The report generated by an iOS device doesn't provide us with as much information as the Report we are able to get from your Mac. I know it sounds strange, but it should tell us what we need to know. Here, what I am most interested in is how many keychains are currently in Dropbox and what their exact file locations are, and the Report from your Mac has that information. :)

  • Email sent!

  • Hi Dan,

    I'm not able to see your email in our inbox yet. Could you send me a private message with the email address you used to send the email? It will be easier to track down that way. :)

  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Hi, Dan. Just wanted to let you know we've got your email with the report and will reply to that as soon as possible. Thanks!

  • londanlondan Junior Member

    So, do you have any idea when Shared Vaults will be accessible in iOS? Lovin' the Shared Vaults, but he lack of access from iOS is a real superbly spectacular pain! Just setup a Shared Vault for our company but now we can't see those very very very important passwords except when we're at our desks. GRRRR!

  • Hi @londan,

    I'm so glad to hear that you are loving Shared Vaults so far - I know it will be so much better (and more useful to all our multi-platform users) once this feature is implemented across all platforms. Unfortunately, I can't say much about when multiple vaults will make it to iOS and other platforms. There are just too many factors that can affect a release date, and we certainly don't want to promise something that we can't deliver on.

    In the meantime, I do apologize for the inconvenience.

  • @Megan,

    You should really put a big fat disclaimer on the 1Password 4 download page and in the app store. Not having this access on mobile phones is not only frustrating, it BREAKS 1Password for users who use on iOS and have now upgraded, makes the app less then not-helpful. Not being able to tell us when the update is coming is unacceptable! Are we talking days or weeks or years?!? I am probably going to have to roll back my entire company to 1Password 3 and re-merge everyone's shared vaults back into their personal vaults, after pushing everyone to switch. #fail #frustrated #notahappycustomer

    ps: still haven't heard back from @sjk or anyone about the bug report I filed about the iOS dropbox sync issue. :(

  • I rely on 1Password all day long to be effective in my business and my personal life. Or, at least, I used to. :(:(:(

  • Hi Dan,

    Again, I do apologize for the frustration here. I'll pass along your suggestion to make it more clear that multiple vaults are currently a Mac-only feature. Currently you can find this information on our Known Issues page. As to an ETA on multiple vault support in iOS, as I've said earlier, we just can't promise anything. I think it would be even more frustrating for our users if we gave a date and then could not deliver due to factors beyond our control. There's just too many variables involved. I can tell you though that we are hearing feedback from a lot of users who are excited to see this feature across all platforms, and it is high on our developers' To Do list.

    As far as your support request goes, a response was emailed to you on Tuesday (to both of the email addresses suggested in your message), but I'm resending it today just in case it got lost along the way. Please let me know if you are still not seeing it!

  • OK. Sounds like I'll be rolling back our use of Shared Vaults. #annoying

  • Is there any way that we can run two copies of 1Password on our phones so we can manage 2 vaults?

  • Hi Dan,

    That does sound like a creative solution, unfortunately, the iOS app is currently coded to pick up the primary vault in Dropbox. We want to be sure that the iOS app doesn't get confused if a secondary vault is in Dropbox and attempt to merge the databases. So, even if you were able to install a second copy of 1Password, it would still recognize the primary vault.

    Again, I am sorry that I don't have a better answer for you here.

  • thightowerthightower T-Dog Agile's Mascot
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    I know you'll give it a lot of thought before rolling back the multiple vaults. May I suggest creating a tag and applying it to each item within the specific vaults. i.e. Dan's Vault, Admin Vault, Publicity Vault etc.

    You can add the tag to all times at one time. By selecting all items and then dragging those items over the top of the tag. That way when you decide to add multiple vaults back into your mix, it will make things even easier to get the items where they go.

    Additionally if there are new items added between now and them please add your appropriate tags etc.

    Just a suggestion from one user to another.


  • londanlondan Junior Member

    Hi Agilebiters,

    Any news on when the iOS, Windows and/or Androids apps will support Shared Vaults? We have about two dozen clients waiting to upgrade to the new 1Password 4 for Mac so we can roll out Shared Vaults – excellent feature! – but we can't do it until you roll out Shared Vaults on at least the iOS app. Ideally on Windows and Android too.

    Also, please, please, please could you amend the 1Password product pages so we can easily tell which features each app supports?

    Now that you guys have 1Password for multiple platforms – which is awesome – you really do need to up your game on making it clear which features are supported where. A simple comparison chart would be lovely, though you should at a minimum just make it clear each product page which features work now and which are coming soon.

    Still feeling burned that we upgraded to 1Password for Mac and excitedly setup Shared Vaults for all our data only to find out afterwards the extra vaults won't sync with our phones. It's now been almost 3 months with mobile app being rather useless as we can't sync to it.

    Cheers, Dan

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