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This is really a mess. I cannot get 1Password 4.3 to Dropbox sync without turning off Dropbox sync, and then turning it back on again, and that is not a pretty thing. The app locks, quits, locks, quits, then opens and I have to reset Dropbox sync. Then it syncs once and that's it. When will this be fixed?


  • Hi Mr. K,

    I have good news for you! 1Password version 4.3.1 was just (finally) released into the wilds of the App Store. Updating should fix this annoying mess. I agree, it was not pretty, but we should be back to good now.

    Please let me know if you are still seeing errors after updating!

  • Hi. I just loaded 1Password to my iPad Air and when I try to sync with DropBox so I don't have to log each password individually (the ones I've already entered on my iPhone) it gives me an error that says I have the wrong password and I know the password I'm putting in is correct. Can you tell me what's wrong?

  • I am also having a problem setting up Dropbox sync on an iPhone 5s and iPad 2. On both devices - even though I am CERTAIN the password is correct -- I am getting an "error (NULL)" message when I type in my password. I have reset the Dropbox password just to be certain I'm typing it correctly, to no avail. I previously synced with wifi but since getting a new phone I cannot get my Mac to recognize the new device.

    I have 1PasswordPro 3.7.2 on my iPhone and iPad. Please help!

  • Hi @MarcMitcham,

    You definitely shouldn't have to enter all of your passwords again individually! I'd like a bit more information about your 1Password ecosystem to help you get sorted out. Could you please tell me the version numbers of 1Password and your operating systems for all computers and devices currently running 1Password? I'd also like to confirm that you are only using one Dropbox account ... just in case :)

    Hi @joanna,

    I am very sorry for the confusion here. Unfortunately, Dropbox sync is no longer available for 1Password 3 for iOS.

    For 1Password and Dropbox to communicate behind the scenes, it uses what's called an API (application programming interface).  As you doubtless know, technology changes at a brisk pace; perhaps faster than some of us would like. Companies like Dropbox are no different.  Sometimes it seems like "out with old, in with the latest greatest."  And indeed, we've been notified by Dropbox that as of September 1, 2013 the API for 1Password iOS (3.7.2) -- the version that you're currently using -- is completely shut down.  This is why you are no longer able to communicate and keep up-to-date on any changes or additions you might make.

    Our new version is 1Password 4 for iOS and has been for sale in the iTunes store since December, as a separate purchase from version 3 (the "old" and still supported version).  We did this because it's basically an entirely new application, built bigger, better, faster, and stronger.  It's different enough to be all new, which is why it's a separate purchase.  It is also a universal app now, meaning you only require one purchase for all your iDevices associated with your Apple ID, using iOS 6 or greater.  

    If you would like to continue using 1Password 3 for iOS, you are most welcome to, and I'd be happy to help you troubleshoot Wi-Fi sync to get it working again.

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