re-download after hard drive loss?

I recently experienced a disk failure, and had to wipe everything. I didn't backup my applications folder.

How do I download 1password again? I already purchased it, well before the crash. When I go to the app store, iTunes doesn't recognize that I already purchased it, and is asking for payment.


  • I also purchased through the App store and 1password does not show up in my purchased list. It does show in iTunes, but I am unable to re-download. Can't I have the app on both my laptop and desktop?

  • dancodanco Senior Member Community Moderator

    Are you (both) sure you are looking in the right places?

    Apple makes things confusing in that there are two App Stores. The one available through iTunes is for apps for iDevices. The one for Mac apps is reached through the App Store application.

  • thightowerthightower T-Dog Agile's Mascot

    Hey guys,

    In addition to what @danco said its under the purchases tab in the app store.

    Also it will have your original purchase date so you may need to do some scrolling. I purchased in 2011, so its further down the list. I mention this as most people think with a new app aka 1Password 4 it would be near the top but that is not the case.

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @yeum,

    In addition to what's been suggested already, if you did purchase from the Mac App Store, please check to make sure that you are logged in with the same AppleID as when you made the original purchase. If you're like me and somehow have collected several, applications can hide in the one that you didn't expect.

    If, however, you purchased 1Password from the AgileBits website, you can download a fresh copy here: This copy does require you to input your license information. If you don't have it saved, just send an email to our support team [email protected] agilebits .com and we'll help you find it.

    Hi @satelles,

    Once you purchase 1Password for Mac, you are entitled to install it on as many Macs as you personally use. Hopefully some of the suggestions above have helped you locate your copy. :)

    I hope this helps you get sorted out, but we're here to help if you have any further questions!

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