1Password 3 for Windows, Dropbox sync issue, and 1Password 4 for Mac

Earlier today I was on a computer that used 1Password 3 for Windows, and with it I created the username and password for the discussions. I saw the Dropbox spin and then indicate it had updated. But when I returned home where I have 1Password 4 for Mac, I saw Dropbox spin and show 3 files updated, but 1Password 4 for Mac had no entry for this discussions group login access credentials. I had to use the auto-generated email to get the username, and the password reset to get in. Is there a known issue with this type of sync using Dropbox between 1Password for Windows compared to 1Password 4 for Mac?



  • I've been working with Apple Support on some other issues, and recently re-installed Mavericks. But this shouldn't be a problem. I today saw the Dropbox app appear to update and change, but the 1Password.agilekeychain file in the Dropbox folder still seems to have an old date/time (not today). Odd that I do not see the date/time update if it seemed to update when I got home. It appeared to re-update again when I saved the new/changed password using 1Password 4 for Mac. But despite these two update times, the file still seems not updated. Could it be that it won't update the 1Password4.agilekeychain file? This file is what I use to update the passwords on my iOS devices.

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    Hi, @chazzunokuthunuchtec.

    As I understand it, the date on the .agilekeychain folder in Windows doesn't change because changes (like new Login items being created and saved) all occur within the folder, not to the folder itself. (Gosh, I hope that's right!) Those changes should certainly be sync'ed to your Mac, though.

    In 1Password on both your Mac and PC, can you check the path and filename of your data to make sure they both refer to the same location in your Dropbox folder?

    Also, in 1Password or Windows, can you choose the File > Repair 1Password Data Folder command, and let us know what it reports?

    Thanks for your help!

  • I've seen more passwords recently not sync between 1Password 3 on Windows and 1Password 4 on Mac. At least for now I will keep them separate, in case they don't "speak the same language". On 1Password 4 for Mac I have disabled sync with Dropbox (but without deleting any files). Hopefully after I get it all figured out I will restore the sync, else they may have 1Password 4 for Windows by then.

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    Let us know if you confirm the path and filename on both platforms, or if you decide to try the "repair" command.

  • I'm still surprised that the two don't seem to sync between each other; thus I have disabled sync and would like to re-enable it either when 1Password 4 for Windows comes out, or when I have more time to troubleshoot. I don't know where it now saves 1Password.agilekeychain, but I have a separate discussion open for that.

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    1Password for Windows v1 and 1Password for Mac v4 should sync via Dropbox just fine. Waiting for 1Password for Windows v4 is not going to solve your problem.

    We would love to help you. Can you generate a diagnostics report on Mac and Windows, attach them both to an e-mail, and send this to us? Thanks!

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    As a point of reference, Dropbox sync'ing between Mac (4.x) and Windows (3.x) is definitely working for me.

    You can send that diagnostics report to us at support+windows AT agilebits DOT com.

  • I have a diagnostics report for 1Password on Windows; but in this discussion group I don't see an option to attach files. I'll get the report for the Mac when I am next at home and able.

    On my Mac at home I deleted everything 1Password from Dropbox (and I did my sync to iOS devices via Wi-Fi). I like a clean start. Then I restored DropBox sync, and it put 1Password data back in Dropbox. I then turned off Dropbox sync for 1Password for Mac, because I want to be cautious and see it work before I lose data. It should have new dropbox data for the 1Password for Windows. On Windows (next day) I saw Dropbox claim over 1700 files changed. But here's my surprise: if I open a browser (Safari, Chrome, or Firefox) then their respective 1Password browser add-ons show and use the proper/expected login or other data. But if I open, on Windows, the main 1Password app it was empty: no data at all. I disabled dropbox sync for 1Password for Windows, and did a restore from backup and now the 1Password main app shows data, and the browser extensions work.

  • I see svondutch's comment that I should send the report via email. I will email to [email protected] Please check that inbox. It will come from my Gmail email address.

  • The report was sent.

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    As requested above, @chazzunokuthunuctec, please send it to [email protected]

    It would be helpful if you could also include a link to this forum topic.

    Thanks so much!

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    I have the same problems. The Windows version shows 226 items and IOS en MAC 407

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    @marcoheijkoop, we've received your Diagnostics Report. Thanks!

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    @chazzunokuthunuchtec @marcoheijkoop in 1Password 4 for Mac, what do your sync preferences look like?

  • At the moment sync is off because I don't want the 1Password for Windows to delete my passwords.

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    Can you determine the full path and filename of your 1Password data file on your Mac?

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    I only have a file name if using Dropbox sync. I'm noticing, still, major problems using Dropbox sync (among two users of the same Mac, and also between my Mac and Windows machines).

    To show how I know about the Dropbox sync problems on my Mac, I tested two users on the exact same iMac computer (my profile, and my wife's, with whom I share 1Password data via Dropbox):

    • I opened 1Password 4 (on my Mac) and disabled any syncing. If I understand correctly there will no longer be any 1Password file as there used to be, because it will now use some sort of "invisible" container file of its own.

    • I opened Finder on my Mac and went to the Dropbox folder and deleted anything/everything 1Password.

    • I opened Safari (on my Mac) and navigated to https://dropbox.com and I signed in to my Dropbox account, and deleted anything/everything Dropbox.

    • I logged out of my profile on my Mac.

    • I logged into my wife's profile on the same Mac computer, and with whom I share my 1Password data via Dropbox sync. Note: Her profile was using Dropbox on her Dropbox account, but she requested I change that (because we each only regularly use Dropbox for 1Password).

    • I changed her Dropbox app preferences to unlink her Dropbox account, and then sync with my Dropbox account.

    • I opened Finder in her profile and went to the Dropbox folder and deleted anything/everything 1Password.

    • My wife's 1Password application remained set to use Dropbox sync (I did not disable this on her 1Password application).

    • I logged out of my wife's profile on the iMac.

    • I logged back into my profile on the iMac.

    • I opened 1Password preferences, and re-enabled Dropbox sync. I saw it add files and appear to complete the sync process.

    • I logged out of my profile on the iMac.

    • I logged into my wife's profile on the iMac, and allowed it to complete the Dropbox sync.

    • I tested, by opening 1Password 4 for Mac, but the test "failed" because her 1Password was missing login data that should have been "there" because of the Dropbox sync. Also failed because an existing login, whose password I had updated, did not appear updated on her 1Password app.

    Similar results happen when I use Dropbox to sync with 1Password between my Mac and the Windows machine I use at work: data missing, or appearing un-changed.

    NOTE: Wi-Fi sync appears to work VERY well, when I open 1Password 4 on the Mac and use the "Window" "Wi-Fi Sync" option, and allow sync with my iOS devices.

    Can this Dropbox sync be made to work between two users on the same Mac (or is there a better way)? Can it be made to work to keep 1Password in sync between my Mac (home) and Windows (work) computers?

  • I have the same issue. When I create a new login under Windows I do not see it appear on the Mac. I did the repair like you said above without success. However I found that if I was to disable the dropbox sync on the Mac and then setup the dropbox sync again causing it to rescan the files. This would pickup the new data and update correctly on the Mac.

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    Dropbox handles the copying of files entirely on its own. 1Password doesn't "know" or "care" how the data folder (the .agilekeychain) gets there.

    So, if you've got multiple computers and multiple users with separate Dropbox folders (C:\Users\NAME_1\Dropbox and C:\Users\NAME_2\Dropbox), all you should need to do, in order to share and sync all the files under Dropbox control (including your .agilekeychain folders), is associate each user and each computer with the same Dropbox account (e-mail address and password).

    That is certainly the case sync'ing 1Password for Mac with 1Password for Windows, as I've been doing for years with my own Macs and PCs.

  • Maybe I could have explained myself better. Dropbox is not the issue. Dropbox is syncing the files as it always has done. What the issue is, is within 1Password on the Mac as it does not pickup the newly synced files. When I said "disable the dropbox sync", this is within 1Password, not Dropbox. Essentially going to Preferences -> Sync and clicking on the "Change Syncing..." button to "Disable Sync" without deleting the data. Once done you can then Enable Sync again within 1Password. This forces 1Password for the Mac to rescan, and picks up the new logins, which it did not do automatically.

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    Thanks for the clarification, @wintermi.

    (My post #20 was more in reply to post #18, above yours.)

    I'm not sure why 1Password for Mac needed a "kick in the backside" to get sync working again. It may be related to the multiple-vault capability introduced in version 4 on the Mac has raised some issues that we're working through, but that's a total guess on my part.

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    Hello there !

    So i'm using a multiple device configuration here :

    • 2 PC
    • 1 Macbook Air (1 password 4)
    • 1 Mac mini (1 password 4)
    • 1 Nexus 4 (1 password 4)
    • 1 Nexus 7
    • All the sync is managed by Dropbox.

    And i have the same issue : sync between PC and the other doesn't work fine. Some new logins created on either side is not showing up in the other side.
    More weird : sometimes the login are also invisible in 1password anywhere. Today I delete the dropbox files and sync again, all files are here again.

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    @Grishkaone, are you saying your 1Password data isn't being sync'ed between your two PCs or that your 1Password data on your two PCs isn't being sync'ed to the Macs and Nexus devices?

    First, check the General tab of preferences for 1Password for Windows on both PCs to make sure (a) they're both using the exact same Dropbox-sync'ed 1Password data folder in the exact same location in your Dropbox folder hierarchy, and (b) the 1Password data folder's name ends with the ".agilekeychain" extension.

    Next, make sure the Macs and mobile devices are set up to use Dropbox sync'ing and that they're using the same ".agilekeychain" folder.

    Let us know how it goes.

  • Hello again.

    Forgive me for the lack of precisions.

    In fact when I reset the sync (delete all files on dropbox, and sync again via IP4 on the MBA) it work fine for a few days / weeks.

    But at a certain point any new login on 1P4 (MBA, Mac mini, Nexus 4) is correctly sync on those, but not to the two PC, and vice versa.
    Sometimes the repair command works from the PC's version.
    And I confirm that the path to the .agilegeychain is the same everywhere, same database in Drobox.

    It's hard to describe right now, since I reset the sync yesterday and it seems to work so far.

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    Thanks for the clarification, @Grishkaone.

    It sounds like a Dropbox problem, especially if Dropbox is still running on the two PCs when the problem occurs and reports that the sync is complete, but I haven't heard of any cases of Dropbox suddenly not sync'ing, as long as there's an active Internet connection.

    Please let us know if you identify any kind of pattern we can use to try to reproduce the problem here.

  • Hello.

    I'm having the same problems.
    I use 1P4 on the MAC and 1P3 on the PC alternately.

    Today I've found that certain passwords are available on the PC and on the Mac they are not. Also vice versa.

    I then got the above mentioned steps (repair etc.) carried out without further results.

    A resync of the MAC version then led to the same data on both versions. As far as I can see, no passwords have been lost.

    Instead of Dropbox I'm using Synology Cloud Station for syncing my passwords.
    However, the problem appears to be the same.

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    @ur8s, we test (and thus support) Dropbox sync'ing only.

    I hope you have success with your alternative tool. Feel free to let us know how it goes, in case others are interested.

    Thank you for using 1Password!

  • I don't know if this has any bearing on the issue or not, but I had a similar situation with 1Password for Mac a couple of months ago not syncing with iOS.

    To make a long support story short, the problem was seemingly identical, and related to Mac OS sandboxing. It only occurred in the Mac Appstore version of 1Password.

    I switched to the direct download "Agilebits version", and the problem resolved.

    To those effected by this, does this apply?

  • I don't have a Mac, but I have having similar issues with syncing between Windows and Android. I have to manually use the Sync button in the 1Password android app to force to see the new updates added from the Windows app.

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    Thanks for the info, @jimClark. I know of no analogy to "sandboxing" in the Windows version of 1Password.

    @RichardPayne, be sure to ask for help with your Android issues in the Android section of these forums, so you get the expert attention available there.

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