1Password 3 for Windows, Dropbox sync issue, and 1Password 4 for Mac



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    Mr. Brown,

    I understand that sandboxing is an issue related specifically to Mac Appstore Apps, BUT, the original issue (and most of the comments) is presented as syncing between Mac OS & Windows.

    Maybe I could have explained myself better... but consider the similarities with the sync issues I was having --

    • 1Password sync failure between multiple Macs and (in my case) iOS devices

    • Sync conduit being Dropbox

    • Dropbox syncing (the "actual" file(s) updating in the Dropbox folder) is functioning correctly

    • Problem with duplicating issue -- Some users (like yourself) working just fine, while others see consistent sync failure

    • "Forcing" updates by turning off 1Password/Dropbox sync, then turning back on, solves problem for a period of time, then at some point stops working again.

    These describe perfectly the sync issue I "fought with" for months.

    Scouring through the web (not just Agilebits), I found several people who were experiencing this issue. I also found more than one reference to Dropbox sync issues between Mac OS X and other machines being caused by the sandboxing constraints/limitations (NOT just 1Password).

    When I checked with Agilebits support, they helped me use an old 1Password 3 license to switch to the direct download version. ALL sync issues went away. That was over 2 months ago.

    Though unrelated to this thread, since then, I have created a vault that syncs through Dropbox with a family members Window version of 1Password. Not necessarily conclusive, but in the last month, we have updated and/or added information on a consistent (almost daily) basis, and syncing is working flawlessly.

    So I'm just curious, are you using Appstore version of 1Password?
    Are chazzunokuthunuchtec (thread starter), marcoheijkoop and others using Appstore version?
    If not, it's not the same problem, but it might be worth checking out...

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    I use the version (beta builds, actually) downloaded from our web site, Jim.

  • Sorry for my long delay before responding. Busy between work and school. I have now moved away from Dropbox sync, but when I use Dropbox sync I know all my machines are set to use the same Dropbox account. But, for the issues described in this discussion, I got to a point where it's "easier" to keep 1Password 4 for Mac and 1Password for Windows separate. I sync my iOS devices to the 1Password 4 for Mac via the Wi-Fi sync, which works well; but I manually maintain the 1Password in Windows, either by re-creating the data manually, or sending it to myself for easy copy/paste (which I know is less secure, but can be used for testing non-sensitive data). Thus my Mac and iOS devices stay in sync; but 1Password for Windows is not truly in sync (it is "similar" by design, by manually copying login data).
    The sync with Dropbox did not appear to be working, even after I deleted everything 1Password from Dropbox and allowed it (on the Mac) to re-create the data in Dropbox. I could verify the data appeared in Dropbox, but then not visible between Windows and the Mac.
    So, now, anything I create in Windows I then manually create in an iOS device (no Dropbox sync anymore), and I end up creating it once in Windows, and once in the iOS, and then I take the iOS home and use the Wi-Fi sync.

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    That's a far-from-ideal setup, @chazzunokuthunuchtec‌. :(

    If you're simply unable to get Dropbox sync'ing (which is confirmed to work in the setup you describe) working on your system, please consider joining the 1Password 4 for Windows beta users. You can sign up here: https://agilebits.com/beta_signups/winnewsletter.html

  • Agreed. And thank you!

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    Glad to help, @chazzunokuthunuchtec‌!

  • To this end [on Windows] I cleared the browser extensions, the 1Password data, and then had it essentially start from scratch with 1Password for Windows. It seems able to sync to the dropbox data thus far. Thank you! I will keep an eye on it.

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    That’s great news—thanks for letting us know!

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