1Password 1 (Win) doesn't sync with 1 Password 4 (Mac); Firefox extension blank, too

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I have contacted customer services to no avail and all I got back was we're very busy at the moment. I have read/tried a lot of suggestions on these forums with out success. Please can anyone help? This is not isolated to one windows PC either. Many thanks.


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    Hi, @seang. I'm sorry you're having that problem.

    If you launch the main 1Password program on your PC, do you see all your Login items and other 1Password data correctly sync'ed from your Mac?

  • I have the same issue, it happened this morning. I sync my 1password for Mac and the versione for PC with Dropbox. The windows 1Password looses sync, this morning I locked the access to my web banking for this reason. Last week I resetted the windows 1Password by deleting the dropbox contents and reloading them and all was fine. Then I lost sync again :( Please help

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    By "blank" do you mean that the Firefox extension's pop-up window is completely empty or that it simply states "No Login item for this site" or something similar?

    Also, do you see your sync'ed Login items in the main 1Password program when this happens?

  • I have managed to sort this by deleting the following file (OnePassword.sqlite), One Password is then forced to recreate the file and it restores it. I have had to do this a couple of times on different PC's, it seems to happen after an update but I can't be 100% thats the cause.

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    Thanks for the follow-up, @seang.

    Firefox is unique in not "giving up" its cached copy of your encrypted 1Password data when it's updated. The steps to force it to do that, on the rare occasion that it causes a problem, are as follows:

    1. In Firefox, remove the 1Password extension.

    2. Delete Firefox's temporary copy of your 1Password data:

      a. Type this in the Firefox address field:


      b. Press Enter.

      c. Under Application Basics, click the Show Folder button.

      d. Quit Firefox.

      e. In the Explorer window that appears, go "up" one level to the parent folder.

      f. Drag the OnePassword.sqlite file from that folder to the Desktop.

    3. In 1Password, re-install the Firefox extension.

    Once everything is working well, you can safely move the OnePassword.sqlite file on the Desktop to the Trash.

  • Many Thanks for your help!

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    Glad to hear it's resolved, @seang—thanks for letting us know!

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