Can't manually add logins in browsers

There are times I want to manually add a new login using the browser extensions. In both Firefox (25.0.1) and Chrome (31.0.1650.57 m), when I open the browser extension and click on the "+" in the top-right corner, nothing happens. Is there any way to add a new login thru the browser extension without actually going to the destination site and logging in (or adding it in the desktop version of 1Password)?


  • I have the same issue. Most current 1Password Desktop and Chrome extension (not beta). The + button in the extension is fun to click over and over, but nothing happens.

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    I've reproduced it in Firefox and will bring it to the attention of Development.


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    when I open the browser extension and click on the "+" in the top-right corner, nothing happens

    You need to be on a login page (having at least one password-type field) for this to work. If 1Password does not "see" a login page, then there is nothing to save.

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    @ranilev and @caycepollard, can you tell us the URLs of pages where you've seen this behavior? We'd like to make sure we're not missing something.


  • @DBrown, it happens on pretty much every web page - for example, this forum page we are on now,,, etc. As @svondutch mentions, it does work if you are on a login page and have entered info into at least one field, but that's not what I need - I want to be on a random page and MANUALLY enter a login (one that I have already created and just want to add into 1Password).

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    I see. I'm sorry to say that that's not the way it's designed to work, @ranilev. At this time, the main program is still the place for off-line creation of Logins and other items.

    Thanks for letting us know such a feature would be useful to you, though. We thrive on feedback from our customers!

  • Thanks for the info. Since that's the case, it would be helpful if the "+" were grayed out when it is not on a login page. I couldn't find a user guide for the browser plugins, and the "+" looked available (and didn't give any error message when I tried on a non-login page), so I had no way of knowing it wasn't an option except on login pages.

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    Those are great suggestions, @ranilev. Thanks!

  • I have seen this behavior on several login pages. The one causing me trouble this morning is the SiriusXM Internet Radio login page ( I have tried this in both Windows and OSX. I have tried Firefox, IE, and Chrome browsers. Firefox is my primary browser, and I am using the 3.9.20 extension. I am up to date on all versions of 1Password.

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    So, no version of 1Password is able to save a Login item for that page, either automatically or manually?

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