Extension 3.9.20 and Firefox pre-releases


I noticed that the 1P extension has been update to 3.9.20 in the past few days. There was no release note for the update with it but got me wondering if the update had addressed the problems (not showing appropriate logins and not taking typed commands without clicking in the text field etc.) found with Firefox versions post-v22. I've been sticking with FF 22 on my OS X 10.6.8 machine the past few months because of the issues.

The thread about those issues is here.

I thought it was worth an updating on what I found.

Extension 3.9.20 worked as normal with FF22. I downloaded the latest release (25.0) and the issues returned. I jumped to the current beta 26.0b10, same thing.

However, the current nightly 27.0a2 does work, just like FF22. Repeatedly closing the window (without exiting the app), re-opening, invoking 1P by key-combo, then typing a login and then hitting return/enter all worked.

It has been a while since I last tested the betas and alphas so I can't remember what state things were in before. I presume that somewhere between FF 25 and the latest nightlies, known as Aurora, something has changed.

For those that are thinking about testing FF 27, I found that I can change easily between any version from 22 to 27 without problems with the saved profile. I've swapped back and forth several times. I did make a copy of my profile folder before the initial change just in case though.

I'm sticking with FF 27a for now.


  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @Rich,

    Thanks so much for providing that update here! I've tested a bit with the Nightly (28 now) and all seems to be well on my end. Let's hope the fix is finally in :)

  • Sorry, I'd assumed the Aurora release on the website was the latest nightly.

    I've since downloaded the latest nightly and it works too. There was an initial period where the 1P ext appeared to work up to the point of actually filling in a website form. For some reason it just would not do it. I restarted FF and it has worked since.

    I did revert to FF22 after posting the above due to other issues unrelated to 1P but I've worked around those to and gone back/forward to FF28.

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @Rich,

    Thanks for following up- I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things keep behaving for you!

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