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I am using 1Password v on Windows 7 pro 64 bit with SP-1. 1Password data is stored on Dropbox and shared by this PC and multiple Macs and iDevices. Everything works just fine on the OSX and iOS platforms, but on the Windows side, every time I have to enter my master password to unlock the password data, there is a several second pause where the mouse will freeze and the browser and extension become unresponsive. I'm on a very fast 100 base-T Internet connection at my office (not my PC connection which is gigabit, but the actual Internet connection is 100 mb), so I seriously doubt that is the issue. In fact my MacBook Pro is on the same network and never shows this initial delay. The extension version is and Chrome is 31.0.1650.63.

Anyone else seeing this 4-5 second delay after entering the master password?


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
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    Hi, @srwatters. I'm sorry you're having that problem.

    Please try this:

    1. Launch Chrome, and remove that extension.

    2. Launch 1Password, choose the Browsers tab of the preferences window, and click the "install" button for the Chrome extension.

    3. On the web page that opens, DO NOT enable the beta builds; make sure you're getting the latest non-beta version of the extension (currently, I believe).

    4. Follow the prompts to install that non-beta extension.

    I hope that helps, @srwatters. Please let us know how it goes.

  • srwatterssrwatters Junior Member

    I did as you suggested and the result is basically the same. To go into a little more detail, when I click the "key" button to launch the extension, the pop-up immediately appears and I can immediately enter my password. Almost instantly after pressing return, the pop-up changes and I can see the data in my password file, but the entire application is frozen. I cannot move the mouse and keyboard entry is cached, but no action takes place for an average of 5-7 seconds. Once the vault is unlocked, this delay does not occur again.

    As a check point, I also opened the 1password desktop application. It also immediately appears, but when I enter my password, I get the dialog box saying "please wait while we unlock your 1Password data". I then see the spinning circle and the same wait time occurs. It appears that there is some kind of delay in accessing the files on dropbox, but if I open an explorer window and go to my dropbox folder, I have instant access to my files, including the 1password folders.

    Any clues there? I will check IE next and let you know how that goes, but I expect it to be the same.

  • srwatterssrwatters Junior Member

    I just checked Firefox (26), and IE (11). Same scenario.

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    It isn't that time is spent in accessing the data on Dropbox, because 1Password reads (and writes) the data on your local hard drive. There is a check when you launch the main program to determine whether it's time to check for a new version (and then, if it is, to check for the new version).

    Are you connecting to the web over a firewall? If so, try disabling the firewall temporarily to see whether that helps.

    Are you connecting to the web through a proxy server? If so, try entering the proxy information on the Network tab of 1Password preferences to see whether that helps.

  • srwatterssrwatters Junior Member

    I know this is a long ago topic, but I wanted to let you know that the version 4 beta has solved this problem for me. There is now only a very short (less than 2 seconds) delay when opening the app or the chrome extension for the first time. Performance is very much improved. Thanks!

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    That’s great news, @srwatters—thanks for letting us know!

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