Multiple Vaults for Windows?


I work at a company that has no OS preference. As such we have folks on Windows, Mac, and a couple flavors of Linux. The new multiple vault feature for Mac looks great and solves the password sharing problem for half of our users, but I'm not able to use it on my PC. I wonder when you'll be bringing multiple vault to the Windows platform?



  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
    edited December 2013

    1Password for Windows has always supported multiple vaults. Just choose File > Open 1Password Data Folder to open any valid 1Password data folder, as long as it has a .agilekeychain extension.

    Important: If you store the "secondary" vaults that you create on the Mac in Dropbox and use Dropbox to sync your 1Password data to an iOS or Android device, always make sure your "primary" vault is the last one you open in 1Password for Windows before launching the 1Password app on that device!

    1Password 4 for Windows, currently in beta development, incorporates more integrated support for multiple vaults. You can sign up for the beta program here, if you're interested:

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