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As an iOS and Windows user this is great. Loading and first sync, via dropbox, went without a hitch. I was in a weak 3G area at the time and did have trouble with getting changes to sync between iPad and Android phone as I played with the app making changes across devices. The sync reported as having worked, but the changes I was making didn't reliably replicate across devices. I am back in civilisation now and haven't seen this re-occur so put it down to weak telco signal.

Once back in civilisation, new logins created on the phone are picked up on iPad without issue.

I have had problems with the Quick Unlock. It is not reliable and I can't seem to find the right combination of settings.

In an attempt to work out the correct settings, I have found settings that have made the app has crash. The offending combination is to have set the QUC on, lock on exit off and autolock at 10m. (When it restarted it asked to send the crash data which I did.).

I have also get the unlock screen twice on occasions after a successful first attempt with the master password. Can't really say what symptoms are in play here.

Minor issues / improvements:

I use a mix of numbers and letters for my pass code and generally, rely on double tapping the shift key to enter successive capitals. If my master password were aAAA111bbb, when I enter letters after the number series, iOS would turn off the caps lock after the numbers. Android needs me to turn it off manually. Very minor, but and extra key stroke in the pattern between iOS and Andriod.

If I access my login by tapping the name rather than the 3dots, the triangle is very hard for my fat fingers to find the right spot. This is less of an issue after I discovered I could log in via the 3dots and globule symbol.

Not sure if it is my imagination, but the battery life on the phone does seem a bit shorter since the app was installed.
I use a 3G Galaxy S3.

Generally very happy and will be buying the app when the time comes.




  • Hum, your crash settings ( The offending combination is to have set the QUC on, lock on exit off and autolock at 10m) are the same as mine and I haven't crashed.

  • KellyGKellyG Support Jedi

    Hi @Bill_W,

    I haven't seen this either. But I do see that you posted this on the 20th and that was also the day we released a new beta. Do you have the same issues in b6? Let me know and we'll take a closer look. :)

  • Bill_WBill_W
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    The update might have been the fix. The QUK now works much better (even better than iPad) and I rarely need to use my master password. I have not seen any crashes either. Battery life is also ok (must have been the amount of time I was playing with the app). All in all very happy and am getting used to the features.

    Any thoughts on the shift key?


  • saadsaad

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    Hi @Bill_W! Happy to hear the update has greatly improved your experience and 1Password Beta does not crash! :)

    As for the Shift Key, I don't think it's something we can change because the keyboard you see is set on your Android OS. This has to do with your keyboard preferences. You can probably find third-party keyboards on Google Play that may possibly handle capital letters like iOS. It's not something we have control over because we don't design the keyboard. I hope that helps!

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