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1Password for Android needs a simple and fast way to create secure passwords when registering for a new site. At the moment the process is too fiddly.


  • KellyGKellyG Support Jedi

    Hi @ashleyk
    We're working on this, as with most of the 1Password features you're used to. :) When you say it's fiddly, what do you mean? Please tell me more so I can pass it along, we want the Android release to be great and it won't be great if parts are still fiddly. :)

  • ashleykashleyk
    edited December 2013

    Lets say I arrive at a site on the phone where I want to register and need a new password. Naturally I want something hideously complicated and unique, so at the moment I have to open 1Password and manually navigate to categories. Then I have to press the + button and create a new Login. Now in the password section I have to press the small symbol that looks like a combination lock and find the right mix of characters etc.

    Next after pressing the OK button I have to manually select the entire password and copy it before going back to the website and pasting it there. I'll possibly want to delete the created password in 1Password as well because it won't automatically link to the new registration without the web address in place.

    No doubt you guys have already thought this out in the iOS version but I figured that a simple browser extension like we have on the Mac or failing that place an option alongside Favorites, Categories and Folders with a simple copy button that copies the entire password. Please tell me if I'm missing some really easy option to do this!!

    The password creation somehow needs to be more accessible, logical and faster. No more than 3 clicks at most and dead easy to find.

  • KellyGKellyG Support Jedi

    Hi @ashleyk,

    I've passed this along to our developers. You're right about it needing to be easy, if it isn't then nobody will do it and that's why people are still using 'password' after all this time. :)

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