Communication between MacBook Pro and iPhone (OS X and IOS)

Hi there AgileBits!

I just purchased 1Password for my iPhone and would like to be able to do some inputting on my MacBook Pro (since I'm not that agile on the phone)... it will be MUCH faster (and I would probably use it a great deal on the MacBook as well). I see that I would have to purchase a separate license for my MacBook and I understand that, I just want to be sure that IF I go ahead and do that, I'll get the same carefree syncing as I get with, say, contacts & calendar between my MacBook and my iPhone.
Is that how it works?



  • I can only speak for my own experience, but I have had carefree syncing between my iMac, iPad, and iPhone via both iCloud and Dropbox. If you look through the forum here, you will see that not everyone has the same experience I have, though. It you want to use Folder sync to avoid using a cloud based solution, I have no personal experience with that myself, but I have read here that this solution does not transfer attachments to iOS devices for the time being, although an update is in the works to fix that.

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    Hey @MikeLong,

    Sync works seamlessly for me as well (using iCloud). But I would recommend you download the 30 day free trial of 1Password 4 for Mac and try it yourself. :)

  • @jasperP , thanks for that tip - I hadn't thought of that. Thanks, too, to you @hawkmoth , for your response!

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    @MikeLong, I should have thought of the 30 day trial too. Glad that @JasperP got that advice to you. I predict you will like the combination.

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