Switching back to web store version from MAS version

dbreiserdbreiser Junior Member

There are several threads related to this question, but I couldn't tell if I'd likely run into some of the issues because several of the threads mentioned beta versions.

Licenses aren't a problem - I decided to upgrade the old web store version to a family Mac+Windows license.

What do I have to be careful of when I open 1PW4 Mac on a machine that has been running the MAS 1PW4 for a while? I've been syncing via Dropbox, I use 1PW Windows at work, and I have a Mac Mini, an iPhone, and an iPad with 1PW on it.

I've been using 1PW long enough that my Dropbox folder has both a 1P folder and a 1Password folder. The keychain in the 1P folder is the one that's getting current updates. It has been a couple weeks since I've been to the office (Windows), but that one was syncing when I left (there were some sync problems initially after 1PW4 Mac appeared in the MAS, but some sequence of turning sync off and back on solved the problems).

Can I just drop the webstore 1PW4 into my applications folder and activate it?



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