Password not required when re-starting application?

If I quit 1Password 4 For Mac (1Password > Quit 1Password), then re-start the application 1-2 minutes later by clicking on the 1Password icon, 1Password opens without requesting me to enter my master password. I came across this by accident, but duplicated this behavior several times now. Is this the way 1Password was designed to work? I would have thought that if I quite the application, the master password would be required upon re-starting.

FYI that in my 1Password > Preferences > General pane, the following boxes are checked: Conceal passwords, Lock on sleep, Lock when screen saver is activated, Lock after computer is idle for 15 minutes, and Clear clipboard contents after 90 seconds. Lock when main window is closed is not checked.



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    Hey @pomme4moi,

    That's expected behaviour if Lock when main window is closed is unchecked. If you want 1Password to lock upon closing/quitting the 1Password main app, check Lock when main window is closed in the security preferences. :)

  • Thanks JasperP!

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