Cannot copy entry data from extension menu when Chrome is not maximized

I was trying to copy some data from a bank account in the Chrome extension, and depending on how the window is sized, this may or may not be possible.


  • Open Chrome and resize window so that the right side is well away from the right side of the screen
  • Click the 1Password button
  • Expand the menu to show all categories
  • Scroll down to an item that was hidden before (e.g. Bank Accounts)
  • Mouse over the item so the sub-menu appears
  • Mouse over an item in the sub-menu so that the item details appear
  • IMPORTANT: At this point, I am seeing the sub-item show up over top of the main drop-down - this is the case that causes an issue
  • Mouse over a field in the item


  • Item closes and the main menu is shown again

It seems that the second sub-menu appearing over top of the main extension menu is causing the item details to close.


  • MeganMegan

    Team Member

    Hi @russell,

    Thanks so much for that detailed report! It's a weird little bug, to be sure, but I've filed it in our tracker to see if we can't get this behaving a bit better for us all. :)

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