How do I access generated passwords from the iPad version?

Let me first describe how I use 1Password on my PC (since it might get Agile to fix how that works). When I need to generate I new password, I go the the password-change page of a website, open 1Password's password generator, generate a password, and then copy that password to the clipboard so that I can paste it into the fields on the webpage. Then, after it has succeeded, I open the Login entry for that site in 1Password and paste the new password into the password field.

I understand that Agile provides a "Fill" button to automatically paste the generated password into the proper text boxes, but, in the vast majority of cases I've tried it, 1Password doesn't offer to save the new password after I successfully complete the password-change webpage. This means that, like above, I have to go edit the Login entry, manually. Only, this time, I have to go try to track down what the generated password was, which I can never seem to find. Why doesn't 1Password have a "Fill and save" button which would fill the fields of the webpage and save that password to the Login item's password field all at the same time?

Anyway, getting to the iPad... either of these workflows seem impossible. Using the browser built into 1Password and going to a password-change page for some website, when I try to generate a password with the iPad app, if I tap on the generated password to select and copy it, tapping on the generated password immediately pastes it into the webpage form. I'm unable to select and copy it from the form. And I'm also unable to find any list of generated passwords within the iPad app. Great! So, I have now changed my password on a website and I have no record of what I changed it to.

What is Agile's recommended workflow when changing passwords with the built-in browser?


  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @jemenake,

    Thanks for providing such detailed feedback here.

    In order to advise you on the state of 1Password on your PC, I just want to confirm that you are using the Windows version of 1Password. There are some great new features in 1Password 4 for Mac, but 1Password 4 for Windows is still in beta-testing, so if you might not yet have access to all of the improvements quite yet. :)

    As far as the iPad goes, since you do have the desktop app, it is going to be a smoother experience changing passwords there. There are simply more features in the desktop app and it's much simpler to move between the browser and the main app. However, if you are in a situation where you need to change a password on your iOS device, here's how we recommend doing it:

    • Open 1Password 4 for iOS, and unlock it.
    • Go to the login item you want to update.
    • Tap on the website address to launch the 1Browser, which should log you into the site.
    • Navigate to the site’s Change Password form, and enter your current password. Copy it from the vault view of the item, if needed, by sliding the 1Browser aside for a moment.
    • Once the current password is entered into the form, slide the 1Browser aside, and place the login into Edit mode.
    • Either type in a new password, or use the Strong Password Generator to generate a new one.
    • Save the login.
    • Copy the password field, and slide the 1Browser back into view.

    • Paste the new password into the new and confirmation fields, then save the changes to the form.

    I hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any further questions!

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