1password pro 3.7.2 can't sync with dropbox. How to fix it?

1password pro 3.7.2 can't sync with dropbox. How to fix it?


  • MeganMegan

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    Hi Aoff,

    Thanks for taking the time to talk to us about Dropbox's retirement of the older sync service used by 1Password 3 for iOS. If the iOS device(s) you want to run 1Password on are running iOS 6, the best solution is to move to 1Password 4 for iOS, which uses Dropbox’s latest and greatest sync technology.

    You can check out 1Password 4 for iOS in the App Store:


    Once installed, just open 1Password 4 for iOS, tap that you have used 1Password before, then tap Sync with Dropbox.

    If your device can’t use iOS 6, your best solution for sync is to use Wi-Fi Sync with 1Password 3 for Mac. We have a guide and video to help you set up Wi-Fi Sync.


    If you have not tried 1Password 3 for Mac before, you can give it a shot with our free Mac demo from our site. You have 30 days to settle in without needing a license.


    If you just need a way to backup your data to a Mac or PC for safe keeping, 1Password 3 for iOS has a nifty Backup & Restore option. 1Password can create an encrypted backup of your data file, and you can use a browser on a Mac or PC to copy that file to a place for safe keeping. Here’s our guide to get started with that:


  • Good Morning Megan, I would like to transfer my data from 1Password 3.7.2 to my iMac. My iPad (original iPad) cannot be upgraded to IOS 6 so my options are limited. I do have a iMac running 1Password4 but it is hardwired so I can't do the wireless sync. I did preform the backup, mapped to my iPad and copied the file to the iMac but not sure how to restore. Since the dropbox feature isn't working with 3.7.2 I'm not sure how to move forward? I was thinking of changing iMac from ethernet to wifi and try the wifi sync. Your thoughts

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @tkaadz,

    To transfer your data from 1Password 3 for iOS to your Mac you'll need to use Wi-Fi Sync with 1Password 3 for Mac. You can download a legacy version of 1Password 3 here.

    This should get you all sorted out, but please let me know if you run into any snags :)

  • Megan, thanks! I preform the task this evening. To clarify, i have to not only put my imac on wifi but I also have to downgrade 1Password4 on the imac to accept the file from ipad? Or can i run 1Password3 and 1Password4 concurrently? Either way, how do I convert the data to 1Password4 format? Much Thanks,Tom.

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi Tom ( @tkaadz ),

    You can certainly have both 1Password 3 for Mac and 1Password 4 for Mac installed on your computer at the same time. Use Dropbox or Folder Sync to keep 1Password 3 and 1Password 4 synced up - both those sync solutions feature a backwards compatible keychain format.

    I hope this helps :)

  • Hi Megan,

    I have the same problem, so i downloaded version 3 for the mac. Opened the wi fi sync on the app on my iPhone see the code to enter, but nothing happens on the app on the mac...
    What can i do do transfer the data to the mac? and then sync it to version 4 for the mac via dropbox...

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @gilliep,

    Please see our Wi-Fi Sync Troubleshooting Guide. Let me know if any of these tips help!

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