sync problem between 2 Macs

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I’m using 1 Password 3.8.21 on iMac and MackBook Retina, both with OS X.9.1 Maverick. I entered a new Login on my iMac ("American - Delta"), with the web address, as well as User Name, Password, etc.
I then looked at my other computer, a MacBook Retina, and noticed that the new entry was synced with the name "Login" and http://www. example. The detail information for User Name, Password, etc. was synced correctly.
I was able to reproduce this problem with another new entry in 1 Password on my iMac, and encountered the same problem on my MacBook, i.e. that the Login name and website of this new entry were not synced correctly, but the details for User Name and Password came across fine.


  • Hi @dickvink,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with 1Password right now. Let's try rebuilding the database and see if that gets things behaving properly for you:

    Help -> Troubleshooting -> Rebuild Data File

    Please let me know if this helps :)

  • Solved! I followed your advise and rebuilt the database. All discrepancies are gone. Thank you Megan for your quick response and great support!

  • Hi @dickvink,

    Whoo hoo! I'm so glad to hear that you're all sorted out - thanks for letting me know :)

    If you run into any further snags, we're here for you!

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