Cant restore data from 1password3 to 1password4 !!!

Hi, I was once a happy person using 1password3 for iphone, then I had to sync, and I got a strange error. I wanted to use dropbox and I couldnt, the message was not clear. As my Iphone continue to ask me if I wanted to upgrade I did, and I saved a backup before I did. I bought a very expensive app and I couldnt even restore the previous data, the upgrade from previous version didnt work and now I have two apps. 1password3 and 1password4.
I couldnt find an option to recover the info, the app just started as a new app later. It didnt ask me If I wanted to recover the information....
So, as the app is an expensive one, and I have to waste time writing here to solve the problem, can anyone tell me how can I transfer the info to 1password4 or do I have to type the info char by char.


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    Hi @Juancho,

    I'm so sorry to hear that the migration process from 1Password 3 to 1Password 4 has been difficult for you. The error that you saw was the result of a change Dropbox made to their API back in September. We've done our best to notify all users, and I do apologize that you've missed it. You can read the details in our blog if you're curious.

    Let's reinstall 1Password 4 for iOS to start fresh:

    • Tap & hold on the 1Password icon on the home screen. It will begin to move slightly, and an x will appear on the corner.
    • Tap the x on 1Password, and confirm the deletion.
    • Press the Home button to stop the other apps on your screen from moving.
    • Delete the Data on iCloud (if it exists):
    • Open 1Password 3 and turn off Dropbox syncing
    • Restart your iOS device
    • Now, visit the App Store on your device, and tap the Purchased section (on iPhone, Purchased is nested within Updates).
    • Find 1Password in your purchase history and tap the cloud icon to re-download, free of charge.

    • When you open 1Password 4 for the first time, select "I've Used 1Password Before" and "Import from previous version"

    To learn more about the transition from 1Password 3 for iOS to 1Password 4 for iOS, take a read through the following page.

    I hope this gets you all sorted out, but please let me know if you run into any snags! :)

  • Hi Megan, fist of all, my nick is Juancho. Now, about the migration..after selecting the opcion "import from previous version" it opens 1pwd3, but without I did it all over again. and disable the lock, this time it 1pwd4 opens 1pwd3 but theres and it shows in a search box the string "import_into_onepwasword4" and the more interesting string below: "not found" Meg, you r selling this more than 10 dolars, really?.. Sorry but Im a little bit dissapointed with this app...Its taking a lot if time to solve this problem...
    Any ideas? Nothing was imported into 1password4.

  • Hi @Juancho,

    Oops, my apologies for misspelling your nickname. And I am sorry that this is such a process for you! I'm confident that once we get everything transferred into 1Password 4, you'll be glad that you did - there are a lot of cool features there!

    Let's try one more thing: now that you have both 1Password 3 for iOS and 1Password 4 for iOS installed on your phone, try opening 1Password 3. You should see a prompt that asks you if you would like to import everything into the newer version.

    If this does not work, we'll have to try using 1Password 3 for Mac to transfer the data over. Do you have access to a Mac computer?

  • Hi Meg, there is no prompt on 1p3, I should have seen it by now. And no, I dont use a MAC, neither do I have access to one.
    Is really that hard to transfer info into a new version????My god, it such an expensive app...and so many bugs..
    I will buy a new phone, so time is running out, BUT DONT WORRY Meg, I did type CHAR BY CHAR the info INTO MY IPAD, just to have a backup. It took time but I had no choice....So...Im getting an Android phone, ..Will I have to pay again for the app??? Will I have to go trough hell again to transfer the info?, I guess Ill have to wait until tomorrow for an answer as theres no chat support...I guess the only lesson here is never to get something from Agile Bits, but Im already in the game.

  • Hi @Juancho,

    I sincerely apologize for the trouble you've had migrating your data into the new version. At this point, 1Password has a free Reader app for Android. This will provide you read-only access to your 1Password data on your Android phone. Our developers are working on a fully-functioning Android app that is currently being beta tested. It will be a paid app, but because it is still being tested, I don't have many more details than that.

    I hope this helps, but we're here if you have any further questions :)

  • Hi Meg, The question was how do I transfer data from 1p4 iOS to the free Android version....

  • Hi @Juancho,

    To access your data from the Android Reader, all you have to do is have your data stored in Dropbox (and ensure that your Android phone has access to Dropbox).

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