Extension in Safari on the VMWare Windows 8.1 side?

I have 3.8 working great on the mac side of my MBA. But when I am on the PC side using VMWARE, I can't seem to get an extension to work in either Chrome or Safari. What am i missing? thx!


  • Hi Hero,

    On Windows, you should be able to install the browser extensions by going to Preferences > Browsers. Are you unable to get a working extension using this method?

  • thx for that, but no, the extension is installed but not working. Do I need to have a 1password license on the PC side as well for this to work?

  • Hi Hero,

    Ah, there's the issue. Yes, the 1Password extension is not able to act without the main app. Since you already own a Mac license, you are eligible for a discount on the Windows version. Simply enter your existing license information in on our upgrade page to see your available discount.


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