Before I buy... Licence query

I can see there are already plenty threads related to licences for 1Password but I can't find an answer my question.

I have a Mac and my wife has a Macbook, we both have iPhones and our own Apple IDs.
I would like to buy 1Password so that we can both use on our own devices but don't know what combination of licences/apps to get.

After reading the website I thought I would need a family licence plus 2 iOS purchases for this setup but I got confused when I started to think about Apple IDs.

The way things are set just now, My Mac is setup with one Apple ID and my wife's Macbook is set up with another.
The phones are the same. We have our own IDs so we can sync iCloud/photostreams etc to our own devices.
The thing is, we both use the SAME Apple ID for purchases on Mac App store and iOS so we can share any downloaded apps.

Does this cause a problem with syncing??
ie. if the app was on both phones will it only sync with my Mac as it was purchased using that ID?

If its not possible to have two separate set ups because of the shared ID, is it possible to set up a separate vault within 1Password that my wife can sync to from her phone that is essentially hers?


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    Your setup is identical to ours, both the wife and myself have separate Apple ID's for our respective machines and we also share an account for purchases just like you.

    if the app was on both phones will it only sync with my Mac as it was purchased using that ID?

    No, it will follow the Apple ID that is currently signed into an iCloud. The purchase account is irrelevant.

    If its not possible to have two separate set ups because of the shared ID, is it possible to set up a separate vault within 1Password that my wife can sync to from her phone that is essentially hers?


    In your situation. I would Purchase 1Password from the Mac App Store, this will cover both Macs (his/hers/ as well as an additions later on). Purchase 1Password iOS which will cover all devices you may have. @khad (forum admin) use to say you can use it on as many devices as you can afford. LOL

    1Password 4 Supports multiple vaults, what I would recommend is to setup 1Password on your Mac. Get accustomed to it. Create 1 vault this will be the Primary vault. We use the Primary to share any and all things we both need access to. *See note before making 2nd and 3rd vault. Create a secondary vault and make this one your own. Create a third vault making this one hers. Distributing items between the vaults as you see fit. Be aware you must setup each vaults specific syncing section. Specifying iCloud and or Dropbox.

    Due to how you have things setup (just like we do) I would recommend using Dropbox to sync your vaults. Simply because you can sync vaults between machines with a shared folder and the Data is not tied to a specific account. You can admin her vault, maintain the primary as well as having your own vault.

    If you were to try iCloud you would find its very difficult.. no almost down right impossible to share data between iCloud accounts.

    *Note: Currently only the Mac client supports multiple vaults. The reason I recommended getting the Primary vault setup and working and becoming accustomed is for that very reason. You both can share the necessary data until such time as the iOS app catches up and support multiple vaults.

    Presently :

    You could setup all three vaults on your machine syncing them thru Dropbox shared folders. You would not have iOS support for only one vault the primary.

    Thru those shared folders.

    You can setup her Mac and allow access to all 3, or any combination of the group. She would how ever be limited to the Primary vault at present as well on the iOS device.


    Primary we use for license keys, health info, etc etc anything that either of us may need access to.

    Secondary, third etc is user specific.

    ** We completely share all data and all vaults are setup on both his / her Macs.

    If you have any questions feel free to write back and Ill try to explain as much as possible.

    Just a little background on our setup and this may or may not apply to you.

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    We run 2 instances of Dropbox on each Mac.

    I run a family instance and a personal Dropbox. The wife runs the family instance and a personal Dropbox.

    We share all our 1Password vaults thru the family account.

    Running 2 instances is not currently supported but the User based Dropbox Wiki lists the very app we use for running the 2nd occurrence. aka. Dropbox Encore.

    Be advised Dropbox does not support setup of Encore. But the site is very good at describing how to do it.

    Usually folks still ask question in the Dropbox forums about it and I (moderator there also) try to help as much as possible.

    So if you have questions about that as well let me know. Its not for everyone but it has its advantages as well.

    Mainly we turn on Dropbox Camera import for the family account and leave it disabled on the personal vault. This allows the wife to take pictures of our kids and special moments. Once she uploads them to Dropbox they sync to my machine. Dropbox notifies me with the yellow bell icon on the menubar app.

    So I never miss an important picture again. The same also applies to pictures I take.

    Its really a nice setup. The camera import feature is the entire reason we maintain 3 accounts. Both personal are free and the family account is paid simply due to how many pictures we have and videos etc.

    I know this is a lot more than you asked but figured I may mention it a little. :)

  • Thanks Thightower.
    All this info is great and exactly what I needed to know.
    I will take your advice and start with the one vault until I get things up and running, I just wanted to know how I would implement this before purchasing and you have answered me in great detail.
    Thanks very much.

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