1Password Mini Login fails if you are already viewing the site

Often I browse a site and only later on do I decide to login. Attempting to login with 1Password Mini fails while I'm viewing a page from the target site. To get a successful login I first need to open a new blank tab.

Is this a bug or is there some necessary purpose to this behaviour?


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    Hi @KevinSmith,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble getting 1Password to fill properly lately. I'll need just a bit more information from you in order to get to the bottom of this:

    • What browser are you using?
    • Please provide the exact steps that you are taking to get 1Password to fill. (Include what you expect to happen, and what does happen)
    • Does this happen consistently with all websites, or are there a few that are causing you trouble?
    • If there are a few websites that you are seeing this with, we'd love it if you could send along the URLs so that we could do some testing on our end!

    Once we know a bit more about the situation, we should be able to help you solve it :)

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    Hi Megan

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I was dreading having to test a whole bunch of logins to find the miscreants. Unfortunately, it was easy to find some examples. I started through the list of sites on 1Password alphabetical order and the problem manifest itself with all the sites I tested:






    Browser: Safari 6.1.1 - This bug also occurs in other browsers too i.e. Firefox & Chrome
    Steps -

    1. Visit a site e.g. "http://www.amazon.co.uk/"

    2. Click on 1Password mini & search for my amazon login

    3. Click on the entry for Amazon. The url that I have in my 1Password amazon login field is quoted beneath my email as it's long & ugly.

    4. Result - 1Password fails to log me in

    • When I'm accessing a tab that is either blank or for any other domain the same steps (2 & 3) above successfully log me in.

    Thanks very much.
    Regards Kevin

    PS Amazon login URL stored in 1Password:

  • Sorry for format of the email above - the carriage returns between point did not show in final output.

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    Hi Kevin ( @KevinSmith‌ ),

    Thanks for providing such a detailed report! No worries about the formatting, it took me a while to get used to the way posting works here too. :)

    First of all, let's talk about your steps to sign in to a site. It sounds to me like you're doing a lot more work here than you need to! 1Password can make your life a lot easier here. Here's how I login to websites:

    • Use ⌘⎇\ to open 1Password Mini
    • Start typing the title of my Login
    • Once the correct entry is highlighted, hit Enter
    • 1Password opens the page (in a new tab, as my settings request) and logs me in.

    Of course this won't work if you're already browsing the site, as you mentioned in your original post. In this case, once the page is open, simply click on the site's Login option to bring up the username and password fields, then use ⌘\ to get 1Password to fill your Login information and submit (if enabled). Of course, if you have more than one Login for the URL that you are visiting, 1Password will pop open to allow you to choose which Login you want to use here.

    The url that I have in my 1Password amazon login field is quoted beneath my email as it's long & ugly.

    My Amazon Login looks that way as well. I've tried to shorten the link, but when I do it fails, so it appears like this is a necessary evil if you want 1Password to be able to go and fill magically, unless you can find an alternate sign-in page somewhere else on the Amazon site.

    Now, let's talk a bit about the specific sites you mention. Please note that the most current version of Safari is 7.0.2, so if you're using 6.1.1, you might want to look for an update.

    These sites present a particular challenge for 1Password because they have pop-up dialog boxes for the log-in information. So the open and fill feature in 1Password won't be able to completely log you in here. However, ⌘\ will fill your Login information correctly once the pop-up has focus.

    I've tested these sites in Safari, and once you navigate to the sign-in page for each of these sites, ⌘\ should fill correctly for you!

  • Thanks Megan for taking time to write the pointers for me. The delay was due to me having a go at using system with these constraints. I've got used to this way of working. Regards Kevin

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @KevinSmith,

    I'm glad to hear you're slowly getting used to things! If you run into any other snags, we're here to help :)

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