What version(s) do I need to buy?

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I am a PC user that just purchased an ipad. I want to be able to access my passwords from PC, Ipad or iphone. Do I need to buy the family pack, do I buy the pc and ios versions?


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    Hi @jfisher16,

    AgileBits licenses are per-user, and per-platform. So you'll need to buy 1Password for Windows and 1Password for iOS.


    You can buy the 1Password for Windows license at the AgileBits web store. If you'll be the only person using it, you should purchase the single user license (this license will work on all your PCs as long as you're the only person using it). If there will be others in your household using 1Password for Windows, then you should go for the family license (works for up to 5 different people).

    It's also worth noting that any purchase of 1Password for Windows now includes a free upgrade to 1Password 4 for Windows when it's released.


    1Password for iOS is a universal app (works on both iPhone & iPad) available in the App Store. Purchases made through Apple are tied to the Apple ID used to make the purchase. So all your iPhones and iPads can use this one purchase as long as they are signed into the App Store with the same Apple ID.

    Hope that helps! Feel free to ask if you need any more details! :)

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