Implement TOUCH ID passwords as soon as Apple let you

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Inputting complex master passwords on an iPhone is a disaster. TOUCH ID woud be perfect. One assumes you are petitioning Apple for direct access for 1P? Set up a user petition?


  • Hi @robfol,

    Thanks so much for the feedback! Please see our post Will 1Password work with the iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner and Touch ID? for a discussion on the issue. We know many users are excited about this feature, but we will need to make sure that we are able to implement this in a secure way, if Apple does make it available to third-party developers.

    In the meantime, there is a great way to make your typing life on iOS a lot simpler! Check out our article Towards Better Master Passwords for some tips on how to create easier-to-remember (and type) passwords that are still strong and hard-to-crack. :)

  • Aside from using the (possible) future Touch ID API, is there a way to at least detect whether a user has implemented the Touch ID, and if so allow the user to only ever need a quick unlock code?

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    Hi @gamemusicmaker,

    For security reasons, it is not possible to only ever require the quick unlock code, nor do we plan to implement this. 1Password 4 is designed to encrypt everything with the master password first, and to get inside the app, the master password must be entered first. The quick unlock code is not actually used for encryption/decryption of your data. When the app is quit, or removed from memory by iOS, it will always be necessary to enter master password.

  • I can bet that Apple will want to somehow indemnify themselves if a third party's software is compromised because of that software's security model relies on how robust is Touch ID . I also imagine a company providing security software would want to be indemnified if Touch ID was the vector for an attack on their users. My two cents is that Apple does seem willing to take the jump over to biometrics but I'm guessing it will require developers using it jump through hoops of burning fire before opening it up. Heck, I think Touch ID should work with the iCloud Keychain. I also want to be damned sure that my stuff is safe behind the Touch ID wall. While Apple and AgileBits fight it out, I prefer to stick with AgileBits, On the other hand, it'd be mighty convenient from the user perspective!

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