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We purchased a family license and we have multiple computers, but there is one computer we share somewhat often. I had 1password set up on my ios devices, bought the mac & pc family license. Had installed the mac version prior to purchasing the license. Converted it to having a license. Set up synching in dropbox for my account. I installed 1Password on the pc. Set that to sync with my dropbox account. Now we'd like to set up that same pc to work for my husband. How do we get him an account and get it up and working on the same pc I have my account on? Can he sync to the same dropbox account? I've tried searching the user guides and this forum but haven't found anything useful about two people using the same computer. My husband has another computer he sometimes uses (pc) and his mobile device is an android. Please help. Is what we want to do not possible? Can only one person use a computer with 1password? Do I simply share my account with him and we have to figure out labeling of logins and such? That last one seems like a bad idea.


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    Hi @ksattler,

    Thanks for taking the time to contact us. You raise a very good question. :)

    The licensing is for you as a person, so don't let that distract you from the syncing which is per data file. If your goal is to share a single data file across multiple user accounts on the same computer you can definitely do that. Just make sure his Windows user account is either logged in to the same Dropbox account or you have shared the data file using Dropbox folder sharing from your Dropbox account to his. If you have any questions about how to do just let me know. I'd be happy to explain it in more detail.

    If you want to have a separate data file from your your husband just make sure you each have your own Dropbox account. He can sync in his own OS X or Windows user account with his own Dropbox account.

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help!

  • Well, I see one thing from your response... we use the same user login to windows. So, on our shared pc, we're using the same login account for windows, we, at this time, only have one dropbox account, but can easily get a second one for my hubby. He uses a second pc sometimes but I may never have used it. I use a mac for work which he never uses.

    What do you recommend we do for a set up? Right now, I have it so that my mac, my iphone & ipad, and our shared pc all sync via my dropbox account. I'm okay with split data files or shared. What is recommended? What are the benefits/concerns with either?

    Thanks for your help!

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    It's really up to you. Do you and your husband want to share a single data file (and therefore Master Password), or do you want to have separate data files? Perhaps you might want to discuss it with him as it can be as personal of a decision as shared vs. separate bank accounts. :)

    On the one hand you might want all of your accounts together, but on the other hand it can be nice to keep them separate (like having separate email accounts). You can always save some of the same credentials in both data files even if you have separate ones.

    Let me know how you want to proceed. I'm happy to give more specific details if I know which way you want to go. :)


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