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couldn't find any info so I thought I'd ask here...
When my iphone connects to a hotel wifi I need to add some credentials. I have to enter them every time I connect to this wifi.
Is there any way I could use 1password for iphone to do this "automatically" ?
Thanks again for every support


  • Hi @raeisch,

    Thanks for the question! 1Password can certainly help to make your life easier here. Just save the hotel's Wi-Fi credentials in the Wi-Fi category. Then you can copy and paste the details when required. If the Wi-Fi login screen opens in a web-browser, you might be able to further automate this process by saving the details as a Login and seeing if 1Password will fill it for you in 1Browser. Unfortunately it's a bit tricky to give specific instructions here, as all providers seem to do this process just a little bit differently, but I do hope this is helpful to you :)

  • Megan - Do you mean the Wireless Routers category or am I missing a WiFi category?

  • JasperJasper

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    Hey @RMSko,

    Megan meant the Wireless Routers category (though it's basically a Wi-Fi category). You're not missing anything. :)

  • Hi @RMSko,

    Oops, @JasperP is right - you're not missing anything ... I am! Thanks for clarifying that for me. :)

  • thx to all for your support.
    Still doesn'T work as expected but as I don't need that option too often, that's ok ;)

  • MrRooniMrRooni

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    @raeisch, if you are referring to the window that iOS displays when you connect to the Wi-Fi then the answer is no, 1Password cannot automatically fill that information. Now, if you can get that page to appear in 1Browser by opening it there, then yes!

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