TD bank & iOS autofill

I have 1password for mac and iOS synced via dropbox. On autofill works great from my mac - either by double clicking on the item from within 1password or using the browser plugin autofill. However, neither method of autofill works from my iPad using the 1password browser. It leaves the username & password fields completely blank. It seems that the only way to login is through the manual copy-and-paste methods.

Additional information that may be helpful: 1password stored both a username and password field. 1password web form details has a user & username field (both the same as the regular username) and a pin (same as the password)


  • Have you tried changing the User Agent in 1Browser? You do that in Settings under the 1Browser option. You could try making it match the browser you use on your desktop. It's worth a try. I understand that it doesn't always work, though.

  • I changed the agent, but it didn't seem to change anything i.e., it still has the exact same 1Password UI.

  • @mpuzio,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I've tested here (using different browser agents, just to be thorough) and I'm seeing the same results as you are: 1Password just doesn't want to fill in the fields. I've filed a report in our issue tracker for you. Our form-filling gurus are getting ready to do an overhaul on the filling in our iOS version, so here's to hoping TD gets some of the love soon. :)

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