Ability to integrate with iOS Apps

I love 1Password and I understand a new update is being worked on for iOS. As you know, there are many apps that have been customized for iOS devices and the UI and navigation features on those apps are far greater than what the 1Password browser has to offer. For example, the Bank of America iOS app allows you to deposit checks, a feature that you lose if you login with the 1Password login. The only way to make this work is to manually copy the password from 1Password and then copy it into the app, which is obviously not optimal. It would be great if 1Password could somehow integrate with the iOS so that when I open an iOS app, the key would appear allowing me to click it to enter the 1Password - sort of the way 1Password integrates with browsers as a browser extension. I know this may not be an easy add, but I'm wondering whether this is on the radar of the development team?


  • I can't speak for the developers, but to the best of my knowledge, Apple prevents exactly this sort of thing happening with iOS. Sadly.

  • Hi @RMSko,

    Thanks for taking the time to write in! Believe me, I feel your frustration here - after creating lovely strong randomized passwords for all my accounts, I would love to be able to have 1Password automatically fill my details in on all my iOS login screens without having to switch back and forth between the 1Password app. However, @hawkmoth is right here: due to the sandboxing of apps on iOS, Apple does not provide developers with a way to directly interface with other apps. Unless the app has included support for 1Password explicitly, we cannot do anything (such as filling) in any other app. This is why we have included 1Browser within 1Password instead of offering browser extensions as we do in the desktop version.

    Currently to log into other apps such as the Bank of America app, you need to copy and paste from the 1Password app. 1Password makes this as easy as possible: you can simply tap on the username or password to copy it. 1Password will then clear out the clipboard within a given time period to ensure that your important information does not stay in the clipboard after you no longer have a need for it. You can check out Apps that love 1Password to see apps have added 1Password integration into their interface to make this process even simpler.

    If Apple ever changes these restrictions, we'd be more than happy to implement easier filling!

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