Cannot remove extension for Chrome

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I want to uninstall 1password but it seems impossible for me. I have tried everything to remove the chrome extension. I've tried uninstalling 1password then removing the extension. I've tried removing the extension then uninstalling 1password. I've tried disconnecting from the internet and then removing the extension (so I know Chrome is not syncing my extensions). No matter what I do, even if I'm not connected to the internet, the extension always comes back when I relaunch Chrome. What is putting it back after I remove it? Driving me crazy... Thanks!!!!


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    Have you tried removing it on the Extensions tab of Chrome preferences?

    If you want to uninstall 1Password itself, there should be an "Uninstall" command on the Windows "start" menu, in the same group as the 1Password program.

  • Yes, I believe that's the only place I can try, right? Anyway, as stated in my post I tried removing the extension and the application, in different orders, with no success. Finally I just removed the extension from Chrome, closed Chrome, uninstalled 1Password, and then I uninstalled chrome completely. That was the only way I could remove 1Passoword completely.

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    The only thing I can think of is that you had Chrome on another computer (Mac or PC), and the extension was being sync'ed back to this PC every time you relaunched Chrome. Even with the 1Password program uninstalled, the extension will continue to reappear if you have Chrome's extension-sync feature enabled.

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