Incomplete implementation of multiple vaults is worse than the old single vault system

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I just have to rant a bit, before my head explodes.

I have a home iMac, a work Macbook Pro, and an iPhone. I have a personal vault set up as the primary vault at home, and a work vault set up as the primary for work. Both machines sync both vaults through Dropbox, but they have different primaries. Trying to connect the iOS device to all this results in a big error with lots of words and error codes that don't tell me what's going on.

I had the idea of eliminating confusion by adding iCloud sync for one of the vaults, but only one vault can sync and it must be the primary etc. I could probably make my life easier by moving the work stuff into the personal vault, but then what's the point of multiple vaults?

This all started because right after New Year's I began to notice inconsistencies in syncing, while all my versions of 1PW as well as Dropbox showed no signs of error. So, after many hours of manually comparing entries between machines and lots of delete,re-sync,compare,add,edit,delete,re-sync cycles I got around that problem. But in organizing things I moved work-related items to a new vault. That's when annoyance turned to real frustration.

Am I alone in thinking that sync issues and multiple vault issues should have their own category? Especially when it's not just one platform.

Wow, this rant makes no sense. Anyway, I want to stay with 1Password, nothing else compares, but this situation is becoming untenable and I hope it changes soon.


  • Hi @kevwil,

    I'm so sorry to hear that you've been having trouble keeping things synced up with multiple vaults. Believe me, there are many users who are just as anxious to see this feature as you are! Unfortunately, the issue that you describe is exactly why we have been recommending (in our Known Issues) to not enable sync on multiple vaults at this time if you do use 1Password for iOS. Because the iOS app is only programmed to find one vault in Dropbox, if it finds more than one you may end up with merged databases.

    Our developers are working to make multiple vaults available for iOS just as soon as possible. I'm sure that you understand that a feature like this is no small feat, and there are several big changes that have to be made to the design and back-end architecture of 1Password for iOS to support this.

    While our design and tech gurus work on building this feature, I'd be happy to help you troubleshoot your current situation. Because I rely on iOS just about as much as I do the desktop version of 1Password, I have been keeping my data organized using folders until I can use multiple vaults on all my devices. This makes it easier for me to find what I'm looking for, and it will be a simple matter to export the folder contents to import them into a new vault when the time comes. If need to see both your personal and your work information on your iOS device, and you don't want to completely undo your multiple vault setup, I would recommend maintaining a second copy of your work information in a folder in your primary vault. You will need to manually update the copy of information in each location when you change a password, but as long as you don't need to frequently update many of your workplace Logins, this should be a workable solution.

    Please let me know if we can be of any further assistance - we certainly do want you to stay with 1Password too, and we'll do whatever we can to make this situation more tenable while we all wait as patiently as we can for multiple vaults for iOS! :)

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