Please update 1Password for iOS7 [Update coming Soon!]

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System Information:
System: iPhone OS (7.0.4)
1Password Version: 4.3.2
Device Name: iPad
Locale: id_ID

Please make an update for iOS 7. All the other apps at least adjusted the on screen keyboard on iPad and iPhone for iOS7. It will look better for an app that is so good like this.

Hiro Adrian

P.S.: I'm posting on the forum as adviced by Mike Morgan from AgileBits Support team so that this request could get more exposure.


  • JasperJasper

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    Hi Hiro,

    I take it you are not an AgileBits newsletter subscriber (see this link) or follower of the AgileBits blog (see this link). ;)

    A full iOS 7 update is currently undergoing beta testing, and I'm sure AgileBits will release it as soon as it's ready to go. I can't wait for it either! :D

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