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today I installed 1password 4 on my iMac OS mavericks. After entering the first login item as a trial, I can´t seem to find the way to see the password I entered in clear text. I can only see it in its encrypted form. What did I do wrong?


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    I am unaware of anyway to display the master password in clear text. But if you are talking about a password in a new record within the database, you can go to the View item in the 1Password menus and uncheck Conceal Passwords. That will make all passwords visible in plain text. You can also display the password in the currently active record by pressing the Option key. That toggles between concealed and displayed.

  • Thanks for your comment. After I did what you suggested. it's working beautifully. Have a great day!

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    Great news! Thanks for letting us know that everything is working well. :)

    Enjoy your weekend.

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